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By Kerry Watts

Waggytail by Kerry Watts is the story of Jet, a pup who has been living with his new family for four months at Number 5, Barrels Avenue. Once the school routine started, no one had any time for Jet except Billy, who took him for...

The Holiday Boys

By Onicka J. Daniel

The Holiday Boys by Onicka J. Daniel is the story of a little boy who is excited to learn that he is going to have a little brother soon. He talks to the baby daily when he is inside his mother’s tummy and now that...

Pharaoh's Arrow

By George Neeb

Pharaoh's Arrow is an historical picture book written and illustrated by George Neeb. Akia and her father moved far from the River Nile after Akia’s mother was eaten by a crocodile. Her father was so wracked by grief that he never wanted to even see...

The Ninth Birthday Wish

By Bruce E Arrington

The Ninth Birthday Wish is a children’s picture book written by Bruce E Arrington and illustrated by Florence Jayne. Bril and Arisa were twins, but they could hardly be more different than each other if they tried. Bril was a dreamer who liked to read,...

The Gathering

By John W Milor

The Gathering by John W. Milor is a Christian children’s adventure novel. It takes place in the primitive ancient world of Genesis and tells the story of five special chosen animals who are separated from the violent, cruel world of nature around them by a...

Wings in the Meadow

Marlie and Grayson's Explorations - Volume 1
By Idris K Stokes

Wings in the Meadow: Marlie and Grayson's Explorations - Volume 1 by Idris K. Stokes opens with Grayson and her best friend Marlie going to the meadow for a butterfly hunt with Grayson’s mom. It is a beautiful spring day and the sun is shining...

The Elephant and the Sheep

By Patricia Furstenberg

The Elephant and the Sheep by Patricia Furstenberg is a fun little book. The story is about an elephant and a sheep that become friends. Each day they meet at the water puddle, but somehow the elephant always arrives first. The sheep tries to beat...

The Day My Fart Followed Me To the Zoo

My Little Fart book 6
By Ben Jackson, Sam Lawrence

The Day My Fart Followed Me to the Zoo is the sixth book in the Timmy and the Little Fart series written by Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence, and illustrated by Danko Herrera. Excited to be venturing out to spend a day at the zoo,...

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Quincy the Quail Saves a Life

By Barbara Renner

Quincy the Quail Saves a Life by Barbara Renner is the story of Quincy the quail who lives in the desert with his family. It is a beautiful day and Quincy and his mate, Quella, decide to call their chicks for a family meeting. They...

Shadow and Friends Celebrate Ellsworth, KS 150th Birthday

By S. Jackson, A. Raymond, M. Schmidt

Shadow and Friends Celebrate Ellsworth, KS 150th Birthday is an historical adventure storybook for children written by S. Jackson, A. Raymond and M. Schmidt. Shadow, Max and all the other animals who lived in and around Ellsworth, Kansas were understandably excited about the town’s upcoming...