Romance - Paranormal

Future World Rocks!

Going Back To Our Roots
By Terry Tumbler

Future World Rocks! (Going Back to Our Roots) by Terry Tumbler is a science fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy futuristic fiction and who do not mind narrative sex and futuristic bad language....

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Soul Doubt

By D. Hart St. Martin

Soul Doubt by D. Hart St. Martin is a compelling paranormal romance with powerful themes and great characters. Job Chandler is a great rock ‘n roll star, a success in the music industry, with prolific skill with instruments. That is what everyone thinks, but it’s...


By E. V. Robbins

Embrace by E.V. Robbins is a paranormal romance about fighting against a nightmarish creature hell-bent on murdering the world, while searching for the edge between salvation and damnation. Racy is a young woman who lives a simple life, dealing with her insufferable boss while contentedly...

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This Second Chance

By D.L. Finn

This Second Chance by D.L. Finn is the story of a woman who finally got her second chance at love; however, there seem to be unseen forces that don't want her to be happy. This is the story of Rachael Battaglia, a woman who has...

Beyond Love

Book #2 in Beyond Series
By D.D. Marx

Beyond Love by D.D. Marx is Book 2 of the Beyond Series. Olivia is finally traveling the path she was meant to, following guidance from her best friend, Dan. When she returns to Chicago she gets bad news, news that will interfere with her destiny;...

Enlightened Fire

The Enlightened - Volume 4
By V. K. Walker

Enlightened Fire by V.K. Walker is a paranormal romance about two lovers who endeavor to overcome their own arrogance as they try to save each other, as well as themselves. Vaxon was a former hunter who was infected by a Forsaken, a creature that dwells...

Token Huntress

By Kia Carrington-Russell

Token Huntress by Kia Carrington-Russell is a futuristic paranormal romance. It’s the year 2341 and the sun's light has long since dimmed. Vampires thrive and stalk the world and a new society rules, a society of vampires, supernatural hunters, and the few humans that are...

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Forever More

A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity
By Michele DeLuca

Can one really love a dead man and feel him even more intimately than anyone living? In Forever More: A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity by Michele DeLuca, a mystical experience of love takes place, a love beyond the tomb. Rebecca has loved...

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By Tanja Kobasic

Cordelia by Tanja Kobasic is a book with a powerful, wonderful concept of love and tremendous characters. In fact, I am already running short of superlatives to capture the beauty of this story. Scarlett Jennings is a conjoined twin who dreams of becoming a ballet...


Touched by Thunder
By E. J. Squires

Hunky Norse gods. A battle to delay Ragnarök. A romance that literally sparks off the page... Thor - Touched by Thunder by E.J. Squires has a lot going for it. Following the death of the aunt who raised her, Ingrid relocates from Florida to San...