Young Adult - Sci-Fi


Stories of the Alien Invasion Book 1
By Mel Corbett

Taken is Book 1 in the Stories of the Alien Invasion series by Mel Corbett. It’s an imaginative beginning to what looks like an exciting series. The story follows several seemingly unrelated characters as they flee from an alien invasion. The pacing of the story...

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By Mary Fan

In a brilliant start to this new science fiction series, Mary Fan’s writing is fluid and poetic. Starswept centres on the fate of fifteen-year-old Iris Lei, a talented violist who has lived under the protection of the Papilio performing arts school since birth. Earth, 2157,...

The Lake Lights

The Creation Seekers Volume 1
By William D. Burt

The Lake Lights by William D. Burt is a gripping story that combines elements of adventure, sci-fi, and fantasy into a story that will plunge readers into an intriguing world of mystery and conflict. Jonathan Oliver can’t understand the source of the mysterious lights that...

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The Factory

The Factory Series
By Amanda Dacyczyn

The Factory by Amanda Dacyczyn is the first book in The Factory series. No one really knows how the Factory started, but they know that fifty people will go in and only six make it out alive. None of the survivors talks about what happens...

Future Schism

By Jeff W. Horton

Jeff W. Horton, author of Future Schism, is a prolific writer: in the past six years, since retiring as an information technology expert, he has published ten books! It is his vast experience with IT that he incorporates into this intriguing, dystopian future world of...

Khalan & Jane: Arrival at Ahalla

By Barrington Zane

Khalan & Jane: Arrival at Ahalla by Barrington Zane follows the journey of three teenagers that must band together to stop the Spider Lord. Khalan and his foster sister, Jane, have always stood out on their planet. Jane is known for her Earth heritage, while...

Jimmy Prophet's Library

By John W. Milor

When your favourite secret playground has been vandalised with a sign that reads "Archaeological Site #238, do not disturb, official archaeological research," what's a boy to do? He goes in, of course. After all, Jim had already survived a strange encounter with a being not...

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Space Drifters

The Iron Gauntlet
By Paul Regnier

Combining Star Wars type action with TV sitcom humor can’t be easy. But, somehow Paul Regnier does it and he makes it look easy. The Iron Gauntlet is the second installment in his very original series called Space Drifters. The genre of both books is...

Leftover Girl

Leftover Girl Series Book 1
By C.C. Bolick

Leftover Girl is the first installment in the Leftover Girl series by C.C. Bolick. Somebody has found out about fifteen-year-old Jessica Delaney, the adopted daughter of Justin and Lorraine Delaney. As a result, the Delaney family have to leave an Atlanta trailer park behind and...

Grond: The Raven High

Grond Series Book 1
By Yuri Hamaganov

Grond: The Raven High is the first book in the Grond series by Yuri Hamaganov. Translated from the original Russian, the thrilling narrative chronicles the early life of Olga Voronov. She is a ‘changed’ human and has lived in a self-contained orbital space facility from...