Young Adult - Horror

My Father's Joy

By Gunnar E Garrett Jr.

My Father’s Joy by Gunnar E. Garrett Jr. is a psychological thriller about Abby, a young girl who has moved to a new town with her mother. Abby is a spunky pre-teen who tries to befriend her neighbor, Lucas, from the first day. Lucas wants...

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Guardian of the Dead

By S.E. Davis

Ariana Dewitt was the product of a teenage pregnancy, born to a child of 14 who had tried to take the life growing within her countless times after being told by her mother she could not abort the baby she had conceived. But it seemed...

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By Michael Okon

In Monsterland by Michael Okon, Vincent Konrad swept into the fading town of Copper Valley like a knight in shining armour. He bought the rights to the pipeline, ensuring people could have water, built a new medical centre, and breathed life and renovation into a...

The Vacant Ones

By Stephanie Berezowski

The Vacant Ones is a YA occult horror story written by Stephanie Berezowski. Emily was having a difficult time coping with the loss of her sister, and she wasn't the only one. Her mother, Sue, having already suffered the loss of her first born, now...

Sweet Aswang

By Anthony Hains

Sweet Aswang is a horror novel written by Anthony Hains. Spencer had given up on the idea of getting to sleep and was studying the vacation links his uncle had suggested for their next adventure when, suddenly, he felt compelled to go outside and follow...

Dead Scared

The Mortsafeman Trilogy Book One
By Ivan Blake

Dead Scared: The Mortsafeman Trilogy, Book One is a horror novel for young adults written by Ivan Blake. Being the new kid in school is problematic at best, especially when it’s high school, and the town is a small and insular mill town in Maine....

Skeleton in the Closet

and Other Scary Stories
By Russell Dorn

Skeleton in the Closet and Other Scary Stories, by Russell J. Dorn, is a collection of horror stories that reveal the monsters waiting in the dark, hoping to catch a glimpse of the children they’ll feast on. Each story contains a dark twist that plunges...


Dark Days Book 1
By Marcy Dyer

Contagion: Dark Days Book 1 by Marcy Dyer is the first in an apocalyptic survival series about a group of people struggling to survive after a deadly virus has been released on humanity. Yes, it’s another zombie apocalypse story, but Contagion has one major difference...

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Spooky Twisties I

By Terri Bertha

Spooky Twisties 1: 13 Tales of Terror by Terri Bertha is a collection of thirteen short stories, all of whom center on a group of young children that are only beginning to understand the horrors lurking within their sleepy town. Each tale illustrates the nightmares...

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Hollis McCalister

By DK McCloud

Hollis McCalister is a typical nerdy teenager, who is only trying to survive high school on a daily basis, as well as constant bullying from one of his peers. His life is not easy. Apart from being shy, and really unhappy because of the whole...