Christian - Fiction

Silenced Song

By Gloria Marlow

Silenced Song by Gloria Marlow is a tender romance story tucked neatly inside a powerful suspense novel. The characters are dynamic and compelling and the story grips you and doesn’t let you go. Susanna Morgan has returned to the home that she abruptly left when...


By C.M. Williams

Inferno by author C.M. Williams is a delightful, exciting, and chilling novel about three young teenage girls, and their horses, who are caught in the midst of a forest fire. It doesn’t help that they are lost, not sure which way to turn in order...

Season of Defiance

By Susan D. Schroeder

Season of Defiance by Susan D. Schroeder is an inspirational story that puts one man’s life before his conscience and God, exploring the theme of loss, sin, and redemption. But it’s the spiritual and self-doubt aspect that captivated me. Rafe is a man who has...

Matter of Discretion

By Donna Lee Davis

Matter of Discretion by Donna Lee Davis is a Christian fiction novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy crime and mystery stories, and who do not mind some profanity and a sexual crime. Father Damon...

River of Fire

By Darrell Case

Life can be very difficult, sometimes challenging not only one’s concept of what’s fair, but also one’s faith. Victoria grew up with her aunt in Chicago. Hoping for a better life than slaving as a seamstress, Victoria takes up teaching in a small town. Little...

Final Departure

Death is Never on Time
By Jeff Walton

Final Departure (Death is Never on Time) by Jeff Walton is a Christian fiction novel that would appeal most to a predominantly Christian audience made up of young adults and adults. Dan Lucas is a retired NCIS Special Agent who is heading home to his...

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Pray for Five, Write for Five

By Robert Sarkissian

Pray for Five, Write for Five is a diverse mixture of joy, misery, irony, belief, doubt, and comedy, contained within sixty-two poems. They are written in verse, freestyle, and on occasions an unruly tangle of both. Robert H. Sarkissian is an irreverent advocate of the...

A Brush with the Beast

By Richard Sones

How do you picture the end of days? Everybody's familiar with the Left Behind series, but are you ready for another take on the end of the world? Richard Sones gives you a gripping glimpse at future history in A Brush With the Beast. It...

Jesus and Magdalene

By Joao Cerqueira

An extremist ecological group is set on destroying a field of genetically-modified corn. A rising against and for building a tourist attraction in the forest reserve of a quaint but seemingly-backward little town. A seemingly endless loop of ethnic warfare between gypsies and blacks. This...

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

Award Winner

From House to Home

Karina's Journey Book 1
By Patricia Bell

From House to Home (Karina’s Journey Book 1) by Patricia Bell opens with Karina on her way home from school. All the emergency services, including the police, surround the trailer that is her home. Despite seeing a body, who may or may not be her...

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