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Soothing Rain

Living Water To Refresh Your Soul
By Tonya Jewel Blessing, Sue Summers

Soothing Rain: Living Water to Refresh Your Soul by Tonya Jewel Blessing and Sue Summers is a fantastic devotional for women. It’s divided into 52 short themed chapters and is intended to be read in women’s study groups, but I found it was also a...

Coffee Shop University

A Book About Mythology, Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Politics, Economics and the Ecology...
By Mario Kfoury

Coffee Shop University: A Book about Mythology, Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Politics, Economics and the Ecology... by Mario Kfoury is a nonfiction read that deals with powerful existential, religious, philosophical and realistic themes. The book reads like the author’s mental journey; its confrontation with the...

The Power Gifts

There are three power gifts taught in scripture
By Michael E.B. Maher

In his book The Power Gifts, author Michael E.B. Maher helps the reader to better understand the gifts of the Holy Spirit as recorded in scripture. He states there are nine gifts broken down into three different categories: Revelation gifts, Power gifts and Speaking gifts....

Playbook Strategy to Stand Out Like a Business Giant

By Ndeye Labadens

Playbook Strategy to Stand Out Like a Business Giant by Ndeye Labadens is an insightful read which speaks about leadership skills and behavior. The author’s concepts of feed forwarding, mind mapping, and design thinking are useful tools and will make readers think about how to...

Fronting Onlys

My 2-1/2 Cents Worth of Henry David Thoreau
By Tom Beattie

Having read Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond in high school, to the consternation of his teacher, Tom Beattie is obviously a Thoreau fan and Fronting Onlys is his unique tribute to the life and literary works of the 19th century essayist and poet. And in...

Nowhere Else I Want to Be

A Memoir
By Carol D Marsh

Nowhere Else I Want to Be: A Memoir by Carol D Marsh is an inspiring memoir that redefines the sense of humanity in a world where human values are quickly replaced by an egoistic culture. In this spellbinding memoir, the founder of Miriam’s House —...

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Loving Ordinary Life

The Self-Help Book for People Who Are Tired of Self-Help Books
By Gregory V. Diehl

Loving Ordinary Life by Anastasia Petrenko is a sweet little book whose cover instantly catches your eye and interest. While the sub-title states this is a “self-help” book, it might be more accurate to describe it as a “feel-good” book because it’s as pleasing to...

Reflections of Sandra

An Inspirational Story of How A Mother's Passing Brought Her Daughter to Life
By Michelle Heynen

Reflections of Sandra: The Inspirational Story of How a Mother’s Passing Brought Her Daughter to Life by Michelle Heynen is a poignant account of a daughter who speaks about her mother’s passing and how she realized the importance of appreciating the people who are in...

Epicurus And The Pleasant Life

A Philosophy of Nature
By Haris Dimitriadis

In Epicurus And The Pleasant Life, Haris Dimitriadis has written a staggeringly comprehensive book about Epicurus. One of the Greek philosophers, Epicurus believed in pleasure being the meaning of life. However, it is not vain, carnal pleasure, but finding contentment and happiness where you are....

Make Life Your Business

By James Peterson

Make Life Your Business by James Peterson introduces a very new concept in the area of personal development, self-care, and business — the idea that we can actually develop a business attitude towards life. But how is that? How can we make life our business?...

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