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From Beneath

By Stormy White

Things were shaping up to be a good summer for Mae, in spite of the unexpected suicide of her good friend. She was going to spend it with her grandson, Andy, while his parents were away on research, and she was looking forward to this...

The Cardinal Gate

An Eleanor Morgan Novel Book 1
By Amy Cissell

The Cardinal Gate: An Eleanor Morgan Novel Book 1 by Amy Cissell is the story of Eleanor Morgan, who has an impossible choice to make. She is no shrinking teenager who has no idea what she should or should not do. She was raised as...


The Luminaries Book 2
By S.K. Anthony

Static by S.K. Anthony is the second book in The Luminaries series, an engaging, well-plotted urban fantasy with great potential for entertainment. Kevin Pierce is a teleporter, a genetically enhanced human being with extraordinary abilities, charged to bring down dangerous criminals for the government. It’s...

Storm in a Teacup

Ayala Storme Book One
By Emmie Mears

Killing demons is all part of a night’s work for Mediator Ayala Storme. It’s a straightforward job, albeit an unpleasant and dangerous one, until the hellkin start behaving differently. An imp wearing a necklace of human hair may be peculiar, but demons from different species...

Hound Dog Confidential

By Stacy Benedict

An imaginative interpretation of mythology makes Stacy Benedict’s debut novel, Hound Dog Confidential, unforgettable. Leela and Reidar are knights, the police of Primordial society. Their latest assignment is to find a missing socialite who’s addicted to clay, the most dangerous form of dark alchemy. But...

Magic Waking

Legends Reborn Book 1
By Eva Chase

Magic Waking by Eva Chase is book one of the Legends Reborn series. Emma Hale balances life as the reincarnation of a century-old wizard with life as a seemingly ordinary college student. She knows it's only a matter of time before the next incarnation of...

The Elixir

A Bud Hutchins Urban Fantasy
By J B Michaels

The Elixir: A Bud Hutchins Urban Fantasy by JB Michaels is an exciting, contemporary, action-adventure story. It’s the second in a series and takes place in Chicago, picking up on adventures from the previous story. Wisecracking, teleporting private investigator Bud and his android friend, Bert,...

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Chroma: Imogen's Secret

Chroma Book One
By B Fleetwood

Reading B Fleetwood's Chroma: Imogen's Secret, the first volume in the Chroma series, is like taking in a breath of fresh air. Yet, the story of Imogen will keep readers on their toes throughout the entire book. Imogen Reiner, a 17-year-old young woman, has deep...

Habitat for Human Remains

By Scott A. Lerner

Scott A. Lerner’s Habitat for Human Remains is fifth in the Samuel Roberts series. Roberts is a cynical private practice lawyer with an interesting 'hobby’ of fighting the forces of darkness. It's not a hobby he’s chosen. It just seems to find him. This time...

Nite Fire

Flash Point
By C. L. Schneider

Prepare to be sucked in by this gritty, dark, urban fantasy. Filled with mystery, danger, dragons, shifters and all manner of intriguing fantasy creatures, Nite Fire: Flash Point by C.L. Schneider is one helluva ride! Dahlia Nite has secrets, but her deceptions are necessary. After...

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