Non-Fiction - Spiritual/Supernatural

The Irreducible Primary

A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition
By Rob Taylor

If one can truly appreciate the enormous discrepancy inherent in current spiritual practices today as defined by two objective realities stated by Rob Taylor in his devastatingly, creatively perceptive book, The Irreducible Primary … “Unconditional love is the requisite predecessor to peace and equality. This...

Wild & Wonderful (and Paranormal) West Virginia

By Denver Michaels

Wild and Wonderful (and Paranormal) West Virginia by Denver Michaels delves into the lore and legends of titular West Virginia (and neighboring Virginia), taking a peek at everything from battlefield ghosts to UFO encounters. The first chapter deals with hauntings, and questions of giants in...

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From Nothing to Now
By Brett Ashcroft Harrison

Humans: From Nothing to Now by Brett Ashcroft Harrison is a book that combines knowledge from a variety of disciplines — spirituality, philosophy, history, science, anthropology, and more — to redefine the place that humanity has in the universe. The book explores the conundrum of...

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Nine Lives ~ Transition

In The Beginning . . . (Volume 1)
By Lucille Richins Flint

Nine Lives: Transition (Volume 1) ~ In The Beginning by Lucille Richins Flint is an autobiography about the life and pre-mortal existence of Lucille Richins Flint. Lucille was born to Leah Naegle and George Arthur Richins in New Mexico during the Great Depression. As a...

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Amazon Wisdom Keeper

A Psychologist's Memoir of Spiritual Awakening
By Loraine Y. Van Tuyl

Amazon Wisdom Keeper is the amazing story of one woman's life, as she struggles to grow and thrive in a country beset by revolution. As a young girl, Loraine Y. Van Tuyl grew up in the tiny rainforest country of Suriname. She was a perceptive...

Everyday Mystic

Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary
By Theresa Joseph and Linda Fallo-Mitchell, Ph.D.

A woman records her spiritual journey and how she transcends in the enlightening non-fiction book, Everyday Mystic: Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary by Theresa Joseph and Linda Fallo-Mitchell. After years of receiving messages from the spiritual realm, Theresa begins to apply them in her...

Wisdom of the Ancients

Pathways of Life
By Abha Menon

Wisdom of the Ancients: Pathways of Life by Abha Menon is a non-fiction book consisting of a hundred “shlokas” or verses from Hindu philosophy. Wisdom of the Ancients is well crafted and well organized with a clean style of presentation. Abha talks about her background...

Understanding God

By Anonymous

Understanding God by an anonymous author is essentially a book of poetry. Each poem is on a page of its own and hence the poems are very short. To say that this book helped one to understand God would be a stretch. There are so...

Heaven And Nature Speak

By Marcella Martyn

Heaven and Nature Speak is a lovingly compiled resource that Marcella Martyn offers to help explain the presence of spirit in the universe and how it can affect all of our lives. Channeling through the process of automatic writing, Martyn shares personal stories about a...

Empath's Ultimate Guide To Shield Yourself From Negative Energies

Simple Action Plan Included
By Sandy Quinn

Empath's Ultimate Guide To Shield Yourself From Negative Energies by Sandy Quinn is a cheerfully written book about how to protect yourself emotionally if you are a sensitive person. While being sensitive is often viewed as a positive trait, sensitivity can open you up...