Agabus & The Golden Spear

Children - Grade K-3rd
34 Pages
Reviewed on 07/03/2013
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Reviewed by Author Anna del C. Dye for Readers' Favorite

"Agabus & The Golden Spear" is a great children’s story that teaches to trust God without saying He is God. The story is cute and full of color, to delight all children everywhere. Christian parents will find it interesting and a great tool to teach their children without preaching. The writing is also colorful and may need a parent to explain a few words here and there. Agabus is a little child, no more than six years old. He starts awake in middle of a stormy night all alone in his room. When he opens his eyes, he discovers that two tornadoes are coming straight for his house. He can see the teeth and ugly faces of both of the tornadoes getting ready to eat him, so he hurries to hide under his bed. From there he hears a voice that tells him to be brave and to trust Him. Agabus knows that voice and, now feeling calm and secure, decides to attack the two tornadoes with a golden spear to save his home.

This short story will attract the minds and ears of little ones in grade K to fourth grade. The colored drawings are attractive and catch the eye as you turn the pages. This is a good book to read to children when they are afraid of electric storms and howling winds. It will help them feel secure and that God loves them. "Agabus & The Golden Spear" would be a good addition to any child’s library.