Dragons of the Valley

A Novel

Fiction - Tall Tale
384 Pages
Reviewed on 10/30/2010
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Author Anna del C. Dye for Readers' Favorite

The writing in this novel is fluid, entertaining, and interesting. The author did a good job of developing the tale through the pages of the book.

An artist, a princess, and a wizard find themselves tangled in a interesting plot to move three statues from their place to some un-known location. The three statues were carved from the same piece of rock by a God.

When separated they will cause disruption in the normal lives of all the races in that land.

Then why would anyone change their location when they have been safe for centuries in the current location? Well… an intriguing malice is invading their land and will stop at nothing, so they want to prevent the three statues from falling into their hands. The problem is that the wizard, Fenworth, has only two of them and the shifting has already begun.

Reports of trouble are issuing from every land and the people’s mind is affected to the point of barbaric results. Soon the earth will shift its shape and the surface of the land will be forever changed.

The artist, Bealomondore, helps when he, too, sees the need to change from his paintbrush to a sword.

In this book you will find Birds, Beccaroon, that not only talk and behave as a man would, but also hold prestigious positions at court. There are also Sprite-type creatures that are generous with their service and kind to all that is entrusted to them. A priest, Paledin, is devoted to bringing out the best in people. Princess Tipper has a set of very interesting parents, and a baby dragon that lost his human partner thus becoming bound to her.

When they get to the Valley of the Dragons, they find that some of these Dragons are healers and agree to help heal the wounded when they arrive by wagon at the hospital that Tipper and her mother, Lady Peg, have organized in their home.

You will find a quest, adventure, dragons, battles, honor, friendship, a hunter and love in this refreshing tale. Some of the names are hard to pronounce, therefore hard to remember. Nevertheless this is a great fantasy book that will be enjoyed by preteens and older young adults. Adults also will find it interesting and entertaining.