Hidden Earth Series Volume 1

Maycly the Trilogy Book 1 ~ Two Altered Worlds

Young Adult - Fantasy - Epic
190 Pages
Reviewed on 08/04/2013
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Author Biography

If you are looking for a 5 star author who leaves you wanting more in the realms of fantasy, historical fiction, and everyday life fiction you have found her!

Author Janet Beasley is the retired CEO of JLB Creatives Publishing. She is a multi-talented, 5 star, award winning, #1 best selling author of epic fantasy, poetry, and historical fiction. Her main stay is epic fantasy where magic and enchantment abound.

Who will enjoy reading her epic fairy tale novels? Anyone who enjoys uplifting clean tales of good vs. evil filled with adventures, trials, epic battles, and a hint of magic. Those who love to discover fresh new characters-animals-and lands will find her novels a treat. Illustrations, drawn by her sister Dar Bagby, scattered throughout make some of the novels come to life. Ages ranging from 10-85 have enjoyed them.

Using the pen name J.D. Karns, Janet co-wrote, with her 82 year old father, Charles Young, and published the 5 star historical fiction novel 28 Months of Heaven and Hell. This novel is based on the journal kept by WWII navy veteran, Carl Lee Young (Charles oldest brother - still living as of January 2018 - 92 years old), while sailing the Pacific on the Melvin R. Nawman DE-416 during the war. This unique novel not only focuses on the real events of the war, but also touches the hearts of those who wonder what life was like back home while their loved one was away.

Janet is planning more books in other genres, so stay tuned!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Hidden Earth Series Volume 1: Maycly the Trilogy Part by Janet Beasley is about Iona who finds herself thrown into circumstances much against her will. While you are getting acquainted with her, the story takes a turn back in time. The reader is taken to Maycly where everyone is waiting hopefully for the queen's arrival. Part I of the story actually leads you to Part 2 of the book.

I found the book scintillating. Adventure, magic, whimsy, dreams, fantasy, imagination -- it's all there. Children of the current generation are totally into adventure and fantasy series with the overwhelming popularity of Harry Potter and the like. These are stories that can actually awaken the creativity inside you and dare you to dream and fantasize.

The book is the right combination of fantasy and adventure. Iona is well depicted: her innocence, her adventures, her faith, and tragedies. The language is elegant and excellent. Illustrations always give a new meaning to the characters and these illustrations also give you an idea of how each character looks as well as lending color to the story.

The open ending of the book suggests that there will be another part to it. The battle between good and evil is the highlight of the story. Will Iona's journey be even more adventurous in the next part?

Debbie Armas

The writer has done a wonderful job . I know that this is only part 1 of volume 1 trilogy . This series is a family delight for all ages. The creativity and story keeps you wanting to read more. I don't know I'f anyone is aware but there is an illustration book and a cookbook. The cookbook is filled with wonderful recipes from Maycly that we eat right here on earth. I cannot wait for the rest of the series to be released. Personally I have already ore- ordered volume two of six! This belongs in the Scholastic catalog for schools to be able to order .As a teacher I believe this should be on the Scholastic choice list.