Honor Defended

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Reviewed on 07/14/2009
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

The Major is back in the second installment of the series, A Citizen Warrior Novel.  The first book of the series, Honor Due introduced readers to The Major, an extraordinary hero.  Once again the setting is the wilderness of Washington state.
<p>The Major received a distress call from an old friend and Viet Nam veteran.  The man and his family were under attacked.  Someone burned down his sister’s house, murdered her husband and kidnapped her.  Soon the Major uncovers a conspiracy.  Were terrorist once again targeting America?</p>
<p>DH Brown does it again.  He creates a plot that is an action packed thriller, yet believable.  The Major is back in action.  I fell in love with the Major in Book 1 of this series Honor Due.  He just keeps getting better.  I wonder how much of the Major is based on the author.</p>

D H Brown

Thanks Debra. So pleased you enjoyed the continuing tales of The Major.

D H Brown

Thanks for the lovely review and of course i had to give it 5 of 5 stars. LOL Mostly this comment is to voice my pleasure at this beautiful new site you have created. Well done!! Thank you for what you do for us writers.

Paul Dhall

Just got this link from D. H. Brown's Warrior Report about your review. What's not to love about the Major. You're totally right about this author. Great book. I'm looking forward to the next. Great review.

Camus T.

Few authors can improve on their first book. D. H. Brown has done that. Honor Due was a powerful start, Even my wife loved it. This is one series I don't intend to miss a installment of. Top rated writing.

Marv French

Wonderful review. He's a very good writer. I got him to sign my book. Looking forward to the next.

Kerry Mitchel

After reading your review I finally got around to ordering D. H. Brown's Honor Due. A very interesting fellow. Hope he writes more adventures. I really like his writing.

Penny -- a.k.a. Playful M

Thanks for the awesome review! I'm going to check out this book and others by D.H. Brown. You've convinced me!

Kirsten Drake

Wow! After reading the review and then the comments I have to go get this book. Honor Due sounds like a grand story. Thanks I'll let you know how I liked it

Daral Manteu - India

Good review. I read it and loved it. Mainly because I'd gotten tired of the shoot'em up fantasy thrillers that seem to grow like mushrooms and you said this was different. It was! Very real and down to earth. Mostly I really liked the Major. Great story and well told. I too can recommend this book.

Don Markowsky

Well I did it. Read it all at one sitting. Honor Defended is certainly one stunning read. I think it would make a great movie. Very good review. Honor Due is also a great read.

D. Clayton Meadows \"Auth

Don't read HONOR DEFENDED before you go to bed! Start in the morning because once you crack that cover you're going to be hooked! Read in bed and your night is gone before you know it! A must read for those hungry for a real adventure story!


My husband raved about D. H. Brown's book Honor Due - so when he bought the next Honor Defended I had to see what all fuss was about. I loved them both and I am eagerly waiting for the next! You hit the nail right on the head with your review. They just keep getting better.

denis stamms

when i saw the link in the warrior report to this review i wondered what it would be. well it's right on. your so right he just gets better with each book. i want the next!!!!