How to Write Exceptional Resumes and Cover Letters to Forward Your Career

Professional Guidance to Support You Step By Step (Career Progression Book 1)

Non-Fiction - Business/Finance
90 Pages
Reviewed on 12/17/2017
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During my business career, from start-ups to a global Fortune 500 company, I’ve read thousands of resumes, conducted hundreds of interviews and hired more than one hundred people. Importantly, this recruitment was done as the hiring manager, not as a recruitment agent. In other words, these people worked with me in the business – that’s having real skin in the recruitment process!

Over time it dawned on me that few people crafted their job application documents to what I wanted to see. It’s like they got their old resume and updated it with their latest job and that was it. I have no doubt that some excellent candidates never made it to interview because their cover letters and resumes were so poor.

It became clear that most people could do a much better job of their job application documents. Here’s how:

Give the recruiter what they want!

That’s exactly how this book started – all based on that one sentence. If I could articulate it and make it easy for people to understand, then a book could be a good resource to really help people progress their careers. How cool is that?!

After many months of drafting, re-drafting and re-drafting the re-drafts, it’s finally done! Everything is here to help you create resumes and cover letters that are tailored to job advertisement requirements and give the recruiter exactly what they want.

I sincerely hope this book adds value to your job applications. Happy job hunting!

    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Are you looking for tips on how to create exceptional resumes and cover letters? In How to Write Exceptional Resumes and Cover Letters to Forward Your Career: Professional Guidance to Support You Step By Step by Tim Larkin, readers are provided with plenty of suggestions, tools, walk-throughs, and examples to make the process smooth and simple. The book is divided into modules and these modules will help you to understand the topics at a comfortable pace. The successful applications formula will help maximize your chances of progressing in the job application process. So what are you waiting for? Get started to write that exceptional resume by producing great content and laying it down effectively.

Everyone wants a good job and by following the author’s tips in the book, step by step, readers will be able to produce good job applications, without errors, that will give them the best chance possible to land their desired job. The book covers the topic methodically and extensively from different angles that are helpful to readers when it comes to creating that perfect resume and cover letter. The Job Application Checklist shared in the book is useful when it comes to writing the perfect resume, focusing on strengths and minimizing weaknesses. I found the sequential modules useful as this not only breaks down the topic, but also makes it easy to understand with all its supporting information and examples. This book will aid in bringing success and better results when it comes to advancing a career.