Looking for Trouble

Adventures of Teddy and Trouble

Children - Picture Book
38 Pages
Reviewed on 11/22/2019
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Author Biography

M.L. Moyer resides in SoCal. the U.S.A. with his lovely wife and their two best buddies-Teddy and Trouble. He has worn out several hats over the years Coach, Teacher, Restauranteur, DJ, Telecom and Veteran. When his children were young he would read with them, and write them mini-stories for fun. He is retired now and the new fun has just begun, with his first illustrated storybook for children, Looking for Trouble: Adventures of Teddy and Trouble. Illustrated by S.W. Moyer. He enjoys backpacking, camping the Highlands of this blessed country and spending time with his family. He is an avid reader. Website: mlmoyer.com

    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Looking for Trouble: Adventures of Teddy and Trouble is a children’s animal picture book written by M.L. Moyer and illustrated by S.W. Moyer. What started out as a perfectly nice, sunny day turned into a series of adventures for Teddy, a young dog looking for his little brother. When Teddy noticed that the garden gate was open and realized that Trouble was nowhere in sight, Teddy knew that he had to try to find him. Teddy’s travels took him to a lily pond where a grumpy frog responded in a most unexpected manner to Teddy’s questioning. His subsequent encounters with rabbits, a honey-smeared bear and a herd of mustangs likewise got him no closer to finding his little brother. Then he met a giant golden eagle who helped Teddy figure out why no one was willing to help him.

M.L. Moyer’s engaging story follows a young dog who doesn’t understand why every animal he meets gets upset when he simply states that he “is looking for Trouble.” Kids will have a grand time being in on the joke as Teddy gets more and more mystified by the reactions he receives. The story is humorous and fun, and S.W. Moyer’s illustrations are superb. I was transfixed by each of the intricately painted, magnificent outdoors panels accompanying the text. From meadows and winding forested trails up to ridges and the Opal Mountain Highlands, each of these arresting images is suitable for framing and mounting on a child’s bedroom wall. Add to that the compelling images of Teddy, Trouble and the animals Teddy meets, and you have a picture book worth spending hours with, enjoying the story and marveling at the beauties of nature Teddy experiences during his adventure. This book is special and not to be missed. Looking for Trouble: Adventures of Teddy and Trouble is most highly recommended.

Astrid Iustulin

If there is something true about children's books, it is that they are funny. These are some of the most entertaining reads you can find, and you will like them even if you are not a child anymore. In the case of Looking for Trouble: Adventures of Teddy and Trouble, you have both a wonderful story and colorful images to enjoy with your children. Written by M. L. Moyer and illustrated by S. W. Moyer, Looking for Trouble tells the story of Teddy, a dog looking for his brother after he runs away through an open gate. The name of Teddy's brother is Trouble, and the other animals do not understand what Teddy means when he explains to them that he is "looking for Trouble." Will Teddy find his brother?

Looking for Trouble is one of those books that will leave you with a smile. When a character looks for someone else, readers are always curious to find out what happened. In this book, however, the research is a lot funnier because of the misunderstanding of Teddy's words. The idea to call Teddy's brother "Trouble" is brilliant. M. L. Moyer plays with words to create a little more confusion and to make Teddy's search even more exciting. Teddy needs to look for his brother a little longer and has the chance to meet animals that he would not have met otherwise. He finds a frog, two cottontails, a bear, the Mustangs, and even an eagle, and their reactions show you what can happen when you "look for Trouble." I consider this book an amusing read, and I am sure that every child reader will find it delightful.

Joshua Soule

Looking for Trouble: Adventures of Teddy and Trouble by M.L. Moyer is a fun children’s book filled with doggy mischief and friendship. When Teddy cannot find his brother, Trouble, he goes looking for him and has some unusual encounters with the local residents - a frog, rabbits, a bear, and an eagle. Teddy did not realize how his words “looking for Trouble” were misunderstood. Yikes. With the wisdom of the eagle, Teddy is able to fix the misunderstanding and create some fun and unique friendships. With a happy and heartfelt ending, Looking for Trouble is entertaining for children of all ages.

I personally enjoyed Looking for Trouble and was surprised by the unusual and creative avenue the story had taken. Teddy is quite a lovable and relatable character for children, who, with all good intentions, is occasionally misunderstood. The kind and playful nature of Teddy and Trouble show, and it becomes clear that author M.L. Moyer has a lot of potential to create many more adventures with these two. The illustrations, done by S.W. Moyer, were full and colorful, creating a wonderful complement to the text that is engaging for child readers. I personally appreciate full-page illustrations in children’s literature, as it helps to draw the young reader into the story. I also took note of author M.L. Moyer’s clear passion and love for dogs that comes across in a way that encourages friendship and affection. Overall, this story is well done, and I look forward to Teddy and Trouble’s next adventure.

Marta Tandori

Looking for Trouble is a wild and zany picture book adventure written by M.L. Moyer and beautifully illustrated by S.W. Moyer. The first in the Adventures of Teddy and Trouble series, Looking for Trouble chronicles Teddy the pup’s adventures in his search for his young brother, Trouble, after the gate to the lily pond is left open one day and his brother is nowhere to be found. Teddy’s search finds him meeting a grumpy frog on a lily pad, two adorable cottontails in a Sycamore grove, a big brown bear under a grand old oak as well as other animals in their natural and diverse habitats. In each case, Teddy’s interaction with these other animals isn’t all that helpful and his search takes him further from home until he finally catches the break he’s been seeking…

Moyer’s story is timeless and engrossing. It introduces young children to the concept of both domesticated pets and wild animals roaming free in their natural habitat. There’s an engaging quality to young Teddy as he interacts with each animal – even when his interactions prove to be fruitless in his quest. Looking for Trouble is also instrumental in teaching young children about being accountable to someone and the responsibilities that come with being an older sibling. S.W. Moyer’s illustrations are beautifully colorful and diverse, with each habitat showing a different element of nature from the beauty of a flower-ringed pond to a grand old oak tree to a ridge of conifers. Each setting is masterfully presented in colorful majesty, with each animal brought to life by expression or action. A gorgeous story exquisitely presented, Looking for Trouble is a great start to what promises to be a wonderful series for young children.

Romuald Dzemo

Looking for Trouble: Adventures of Teddy and Trouble by M.L. Moyer is a colorfully illustrated book for young readers and a great treat for animal lovers. Teddy’s troubles begin when he looks out the garden gate and finds it wide open with his little brother, Trouble, gone. So, he sets out to find Trouble, and his problems start with the frog that runs away with a kick and splashy plash when Teddy mentions that he is “looking for trouble.” The adventure continues with two young cottontails that also run away when Teddy tells them his problem. Then the big brown bear growls in anger and sends Teddy running for dear life. He meets different characters, including the mustangs and the golden eagle that flies him into the Opal Mountains, and hears the advice that will help him change the way he goes about asking for Trouble.

This is a beautiful story that my four-year-old daughter enjoyed as I read it to her. And it has a powerful lesson: we have to learn to ask for help in the right way and with the right words. The name of Teddy’s little brother is “Trouble” so Teddy gets himself into trouble when he goes out looking for Trouble and telling everyone so. The eagle gives him good advice and carries him across the skies. It is interesting how it ends. The story takes just a few minutes to read through, but it contains wisdom, images that grab the attention of young readers, and themes of family, friendship, and adventure that will thrill young readers. Looking for Trouble: Adventures of Teddy and Trouble is a lovely gift for children this Christmas.