Never Far From Home

The Miller Family Series - Book 2

Christian - Amish
300 Pages
Reviewed on 03/31/2010
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lynette Fowlston for Readers' Favorite

Emma Miller was at the turning point of her life. Soon it would be her sixteenth birthday. Emma makes wreaths and dyes wool. Through her business, she meets an Englishman, James Davis. The two form a strong friendship, one that would not meet her parent’s approval.

When an Amish girl turns sixteen, she leaves her childhood behind and enters the adult world. They are allowed a time called Rumschpringe, it is an opportunity to experience either the worldly way of life or to stay with the order.

Emma’s father is a deacon in the church. He is torn between keeping his daughter at home or allowing her to go out and make her own decisions. Emma’s Aunt Hannah is a newlywed to a widower. He has a young child. She is learning to be submissive to her husband and she longs for a child of her own.

This is Book 2 in the Miller Family Series. This book stands well alone. The author has a well developed plot and the characters are likable. There is a main plot and a subplot. The two work well together. Both plots concern making decisions. This is a great Amish romance!