Obama's Economic Revolution

Why Obama appointed Progressives, Socialists and Communists to key positions

Non-Fiction - Gov/Politics
60 Pages
Reviewed on 05/05/2012
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Author Biography

George Rikard was born in the “show me” state of Missouri on the bank of the mighty Mississippi.

The Rikard family hit the road searching for a job in Oklahoma City, El Paso and Albuquerque New Mexico where they settled down.

Following high school George joined the air force where he continued his hobby of drawing as an illustrator. After discharge he became a civil service illustrator and instructor where he started his writing career updating training literature.

Retirement was necessary to expand his writing experience to poems in greeting cards for family members. The poems gradually increased in length and subject matter with a few being published on Peotry.com.

Senator Obama arrives on the scene, is elected our president. George starts drawing images of the new president as he begins to implement his liberal programs. Following several completed drawings, the possibility of a book emerges centering on the damage President Obama is imposing on the country. “Remembering Obama’s Mob Rule through Illustrations”, The Chicago Way was published with sixty drawings and a final conclusion of “Obama’s Poem” to end the book.

“Obama’s Economic Revolution” is a continuation of George’s thoughts and impressions of President Obama, his administration and agenda.

George received his Bachelor’s degree from Wayland Baptist University, Plainview Texas.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite

George Rikard feels that Obama is directing an economic revolution to seize and control our economic system and our society. In his book “Obama’s Economic Revolution,” Rikard examines Obama’s laws, programs, policies, regulations and so on at different angles in order to explain how he thinks Obama will use these things to help his re-election in the next presidential election. This book covers many topics including unions, unemployment, economy, housing market bubble, immigration, Obama care as well as other issue involving Obama’s decisions in the past several years as President. The author has added footnotes throughout the book as at the end as a source of information to help further our knowledge.

It looks as though Rikard did his homework in researching very well, with vivid details of what Obama has accomplished during his years in office as our President. Whichever political party you are, or whatever you think, and though this book is one man’s opinion, I think this is a good book for anyone to read for information about what President Obama is doing and wants to do while he is President, and tells us why he wants to be re-elected. And the resources listed in this book give information for further research on the topics talked about here. Another thought I had about this book is that it would be a good book to read for those wanting to get together and discuss Obama and his role in the upcoming presidential election. Why not grab a copy of “Obama’s Economic Revolution” and see what George Rikard has to say about the situation.

Alice D.

"Obama's Economic Revolution" is one of any number of well-written books that will be published in this year of a presidential election. Author George Rikard feels that President Barack Obama has made numerous decisions that have not helped what the author calls "our constitutional, capitalist, free market system". That Barack Obama will centralize all aspects of our lives in a strong federal government is one of Rikard's complaints. Another is that President Obama does not think his decisions through before acting. Author Rikard sees unions as providing campaign funds and not protecting jobs as they once did and the author explains how unionized workers can be costly to a business. The author favors opening all areas of energy production and letting millionaires and billionaires create the jobs this country needs. Read "Obama's Economic Revolution" and discover the author's comments on everything from electric cars and employing returning veterans to patrolling our border with Mexico.

Author George Rikard definitely opposes President Barack Obama's administration and writes so very clearly in this well-edited and formatted short book. Some readers will agree with Rikard and some will totally disagree. Each chapter detailing Author Rikard's views is clear and easy to understand and the author's understanding of how easy it is to lie with statistics is quite evident. His comments on the Occupy Wall Street movement and on Mitt Romney follow his line of thinking and the reader who picks up "Obama's Economic Revolution" may not agree with George Rikard but will certainly appreciate his well-designed effort.