Past Sin

Fiction - Womens
355 Pages
Reviewed on 03/06/2016
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Author Biography

Originally from the south coast of England, Hilary Murray moved to New Zealand in 1995 with her soul mate husband and children, and now lives by the water overlooking the beautiful Auckland harbour. Writing full time, as well as publishing contemporary romance novels under her own name she also a successful writer of erotica under the pen name Galia Ryan.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Past Sin by Hilary Murray is an exciting story of love and bravery, and one man’s struggle to come to grips with his past. Set against the backdrop of a tumultuous period in distant 12th century Ireland, this novel narrates a gripping tale of a brave warrior who falls in love with a woman who is married to an unforgiving, rich, and powerful man. In an alternate life, the warrior has had a connection with a woman who looked everything like the charming married Alix, a connection that has been seen as a violation of the ethics of his time, a kidnapping. Now, he sees her again and this new apparition leads him to a tempting path that could make or destroy him as he faces his two worst enemies: his own memories and the imminent wrath of a powerful and selfish man. The rest of the story is what will blow the minds of readers as they watch interesting players in a game of love and conquest.

Murray’s Past Sin is engaging from many different angles. The prose is tight, laced with vivid images and dialogue that flows very naturally. The scenes are detailed without losing the fast-paced aspect of the plot, and this alone will have some readers re-reading the intelligent dialogue and observing the well-grounded characters as they reveal themselves and evolve. Wonderful writing. Murray knows how to capture the attention of readers and this one will undoubtedly make readers lose track of time, immersed in the fast-paced action and drama of a story that is so captivating. I had great sympathy for Tom, a character that will stay with me for some time. This book holds many surprises for readers and the author knows how to make them want to find out those surprises.

Lorena Sanqui

Present day architect Tom Morgan could possibly have been the twelfth-century Donal Murchada, King of Leinster in Ireland, if his dreams are any indication. It seems wonderful to be a king in a previous time, but in real life, Tom is facing the same problems as in his dreams in the form of his lover’s husband, Stephen Ross. He is a powerful businessman who is not keen on handing over anything he considers his, and that includes his wife Alix Ross. When Tom met Alix, sparks were flying, but Stephen does not want to yield easily and will stop at nothing to maintain his status quo, even if it includes blackmail and violence. Will history be repeating itself in Tom Morgan’s life? Find out in Past Sin by Hilary Murray.

Past Sin by Hilary Murray is a contemporary romance story with a historical twist. The story is written well and the characters are easy to empathize with. The dreams were easily distinguishable from what is presently happening and it was written chronologically with the past interspersed. I could feel Tom’s emotions through the words and was rooting for him all throughout the book and, although Alix was married at the time, I thought they were meant to be together. I was with Tom when Stephen wasn’t making it easy for them to be with each other. I felt hopeless with Tom when it looked like they wouldn’t have a future. I just loved how the story was woven together. I was surprised but pleased with how the story ended, and loved I everything overall.

Patricia Day

In Past Sin by Hilary Murray, Tom Morgan has accomplished a great deal in his life. A successful executive in a prestigious company, the sky’s the limit for his aspirations. When his nightly dreams begin to take over without warning, he is confused as well as distracted by this phenomenon. They feel so real that he begins to doubt his sanity. They take him back to twelfth century Ireland, to times of violent aggression and mighty aggressors. What is more unsettling is that one of these monstrous characters appears to be him.

When he meets Alix, his world is instantly transformed. She epitomises grace and love, but she is married. Her husband could do much damage to his business prospects, perhaps even more. Tom begins to wonder if his dreams are foretelling his future, rather than transporting him back to a past life. As the plot thickens, he finds himself fighting for the love of his life and for his own, and for family. In vain attempts to cling to all that he holds dear, he must face Stephen Ross, Alix’s husband, who claims he always gets what he wants. He’ll do whatever is necessary to get his way. No holds barred.

Past Sin by Hilary Murray is an excellent read. This is a superb and unique story of intrigue, romance, lust and loss. It is a mix of history and present day corporate life too. It grabs the reader and refuses to let go. I found myself hooked from the very first page, and did not lose interest. Well-written, with a good plot. This is a story with a difference and well worth reading. There is adult content but no profanity.