Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible

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Reviewed on 03/19/2009
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

You can never go wrong when you pick up a book by Liz Curtis Higgs. A few years ago she wrote Bad Girls of The Bible followed by Really Bad Girls of The Bible. We mustn’t forget Mad Mary. (I believe this one has a new name). Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible tells the story of eight women, all from Genesis.

Higgs has a flair for humor and emphasis. Each chapter begins with a contemporary story that brings the Biblical account into a modern setting. The retelling of the character’s story along with Higgs comments follows this. At the end of each chapter there are questions; a study guide is included at the end of the book. There is an in-depth study guide and DVD that can be purchased separately. Included in this study are the stories of Sarai, Hagar, Sarah, Rebekah, Leah , and Rachel.

Ms. Higgs defines a slightly bad girl as “one who refuses to fully submit to God’s will.” She draws upon her own experiences to reach her readers. Her illustrations are always easy to understand and apply. The introduction of Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible tells Donna’s story. She wanted what she thought was best for her son. Donna forgot that as a young adult she could not control him. Ms. Higgs explains that she is Donna. Without meaning to, we hurt those we love. No one is perfect, and we can all learn something from the women of the Bible.

Ms. Higgs you have done it again. Thank you for giving us another lesson in what not to do. I am just sad, because I do not think there are any girls left for you to write about. I am leading a study of this book beginning in January, 2008. I can hardly wait, and the “Bad Girls at Hawesville UMC” are already signing up. Women in every walk of life will love Slightly Bad Girls of The Bible.

Gail Diaz

most of us don't feel we are "really bad" or even just "bad" girls, but when you read Liz's book about "Slightly Bad" girls of the Bible, it really hits home. Just a "little" controlling, how bad can that be? I've yet to read a book by Liz Curtis Higgs that did not inspire me and cause me to think more deeply about my relationship with Christ.

Q Mary

A delightful read... I wish it had covered more than five characters, but the presentation was well organized. I used it as a reference for a group Bible study, and it provided me with fresh new insights on Sara and Hagar.

L. Struckmeyer

Great Bible study, I lead it with a women's group in Texas last year and am doing it in Florida this year. One of our ladies is going to use it a a retreat for her women's jail ministry . Great study. SO is Really bad Girls and Bad Girls of the Bible

carolyn Thornburg

I always get a lot out of Higgs' materials. Her wit and wisdom (thru her own Bad Girl experience) never fail to show me new ways to grow in my faith.


I highly recommend "Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible". Liz Curtis Higgs not only writes wonderful fiction, but she is an insightful Bible teacher. Both of these talents are brilliantly showcased in all of her "Bad Girls" books! She begins the study with a modern-day fictional tale to get us thinking as the Biblical characters would. She then opens the Word of God and takes you through scripture line-by-line to reveal the bad girl's story. These are the most wonderful Bible studies! A MUST HAVE for yourself or your Bible study group!

K. Burns

Oh, I cannot stress how WONDERFUL this book is...I am not a 'reader' I tend to find books, read a couple chapters, and then put them down...usually never finishing them...but I COULD NOT put this one down. It was GREAT! God really spoke to me through this was humorous, serious, remarkably enlightening, and easily the best book (besides the BIBLE) I have read! I HIGHLY recommend this book!

Rosalyn Franklin

I listened to the audio version of this book and I love the deliberate and entertaining reflections on these woman of the bible...I was a little turned off by what I thought was a pretentious title/series, but it has helped reinforce my bible studies and has offered me some new ways to think about these women. Although not comprehensive it offers a unique approach to classic bible stories. I just wish she would come out with audio on all her books.


Liz Curtis Higgs' Bad Girls of the Bible series is second to none, and in my opinion the audio is even better than the book, because Liz is the reader. She's an accomplished speaker and the injections of humor are so well done. I also enjoyed the audio of "Bad Girls of the Bible" although it was abridged, and I hope Liz will eventually do an audiobook of "Really Bad Girls of the Bible."
Liz brings these women to life and shows that although they and we are separated by many centuries, we're quite a bit alike. There's much we modern-day women can learn from those ancient girls and their trials and tribulations, and in the process, we can strengthen our own relationship with God.

Jane Squires

This was my first Bad Girls of the Bible book to read. I must say it wasn't what I expected. I learned a lot more about the women of the Bible than I knew which means Liz does good research. I have taught for 40 plus years children and my teaching would have been different had I had all the background information and was able to compare it to today.
I especially loved the way she brought it to how modern women today would be like those of old. I loved the fact that God can love flawed women and men as far as that goes. Because you learn also of the flaws of the men of God too. You learn they weren't perfect but yet God loved them.
However Leah and Rachel left me wondering why God blessed Leah more than Rachel - an answer that still plagues me.
As a Bible teacher, Liz has left me hungering to research and learn more about these women. It seems most all Bible teaching at church is focused at men and on men in the Bible. The women are left unseen and even men could profit from understanding the women of the Bible. After all it might help them relate to their wives.

J. J. Donze

This is my favorite Bad Girls book so far! It is more applicable to real life for me.