The Serathari Prophecy

Romance - Paranormal
368 Pages
Reviewed on 09/19/2017
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Author Biography

J.M. (Jessica Marie) Ashcraft lives in Columbus, Ohio, “a perfectly reasonable place for a human to come from.” After spending nearly two decades as a classical trumpet player telling musical stories, Jessica has enjoyed every minute of finding her voice as a written storyteller. She hopes that you have as much fun falling in love with Sera and Alexarchos as she has. The next chapter in their love story can be anticipated in Summer 2018.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Charity Rowell for Readers' Favorite

Born a vampire with nothing but vague memories of her past, Sera has lived for centuries feeling alone and disconnected from the world around her. The only constant is the moon that comforts her when she wonders if she is living her undead life to its fullest and Val, the young vampire who is the life of the party and drags Sera along whenever she can. During one of their excursions to a nightclub, Sera encounters Alexarchos, a vampire she feels an inexplicable connection with. When Alexarchos reveals who he is and offers her the key to unlocking her past, Sera discovers that her destiny is to vanquish the traitor-Queen and become the rightful Queen of the vampires.

The Serathari Prophecy by J.M. Ashcraft was unexpectedly mesmerizing and exciting to read. I honestly had a hard time putting it down. Sera's history and the prophecy were incredibly detailed, well-organized, and expressed gracefully. Even though this is not the first book I have read that has connected the origin of vampirism to the Druids, I still found Ashcraft's interpretation intriguing. There is definitely some fast-paced and bloody action in this novel; however, what really kept me reading during the periods between action scenes was the connection between Sera and Alexarchos. Ashcraft's ability to keep the romantic connection between Sera and Alexarchos steamy without being erotic is nothing short of pure genius! I was not disappointed with the conclusion, but I was disappointed that The Serathari Prophecy had to end. Forget Bella and Edward, the new vampire powerhouse couple is Sera and Alexarchos!

Ruffina Oserio

An intriguing prophecy, a complex world to navigate, and an exhilarating romance are all wrapped up in this exciting paranormal tale, The Serathari Prophecy by J.M. Ashcraft. Sera has more than she knows, thanks to the fact that she’s forgotten what she used to be. She is at the heart of a prophecy and the key to the revival of an ancient civilization. She has had her share of pain and the emptiness derived from not having a purpose, feeling like a condemned vampire. The only thing that gives life to her immortal soul is her connection with the moon.

Then comes Alexarchos, an ancient vampire who lives a life of opulence, and everything changes when he reveals truths about Sera’s life that she never could have imagined. Now, she knows she has to fulfill a prophecy, and while she deepens her relationship with the mysterious Alexarchos, she has to overcome multiple dangers to fulfill her destiny as the chosen one. But there is very little time and she has to complete her path before their world crumbles.

J.M. Ashcraft brings the loftiest form of entertainment to readers who love paranormal stories with vampires and mysteries. The characters are well-crafted, and the story is too original to ignore. J.M. Ashcraft is one of our finest contemporary paranormal writers and this perfectly paced and engaging novel will be a delightful read for fans of this genre. The Serathari Prophecy features compelling characters that will remain in the minds of readers and accompany them in their musings long after they are done reading the book. This is one such story that transports readers to exciting places, making them witness to exciting scenes and a powerful conflict. You won’t be able to put it down!

Divine Zape

The Serathari Prophecy by J.M. Ashcraft is the perfect novel for readers who love paranormal stories featuring vampires, mystery, and romance. Sera could never have known that she was born to fulfill a prophecy involving the destiny of her kind. She could never have known about her past life until she meets an ancient vampire, a modern day millionaire who awakens her consciousness to dreaded truths she'd long forgotten. Now, it’s no longer the moon alone that excites her boring life. She’s in love with the ancient vampire and she is running across the world with him, starting from a New York City night club to the Altai Mountains in Siberia to fulfill her destiny. The question is: with time running out and the odds stacked against them, can she redeem what was once lost?

The Serathari Prophecy is well-written, deft and balanced, and readers will enjoy the way the author weaves different literary elements into the story, combining strong elements of a thriller with the steam of contemporary romance. The suspense is exactly right and it compels the reader to keep on turning page after fascinating page. J.M. Ashcraft’s writing is tight and it flows smoothly. I enjoyed the unique turns of phrase, the powerful descriptions of scenes, characters and setting, and the well-composed dialogues. The story has a strong feel of originality and it is a great success, a story that allows readers to walk alongside characters in a setting that feels strangely familiar to them. You’ll be entertained and transported into exciting worlds.

Rabia Tanveer

The Serathari Prophecy by J.M. Ashcraft is the story of a girl who has no idea of the amount of responsibility on her shoulders. Sera is a young girl, healthy and happy, however, she has no idea that she was born to fulfill a purpose. There is a prophecy that has destined her to save a race of Vampires. Her own life a mystery, Sera is an immortal, she has lived for centuries, but she has no recollection of her past lives. Lonely, she finds solace only in the moon, but even that does not have the answers she needs.

Her life changes when she meets the enigmatic Alexarchos. This man is not who he appears to be. When she finds out that Alexarchos is not just a billionaire, but also an ancient Vampire, she knows that she has found something truly remarkable in her life. Together Sera and Alexarchos travel all the way to Siberia to fulfill her destiny. But even with a warrior by her side, it is not easy. Soon Sera realizes that what she is going through may change not just her life, but everything she ever believed in. Can Alexarchos and Sera fulfill the Serathari prophecy? Or will the obstacles in their way become too big to conquer?

The Serathari Prophecy by J.M. Ashcraft is perhaps among my top ten novels of the year. It has everything from romance, to mystery, to action, to a crafty heroine that claws her way to the end to survive. Hard-headed, stubborn yet courageous, Sera is the perfect protagonist. I loved the camaraderie between her and Alexarchos. The story was well-developed with little to no loopholes and isn’t that awesome! Five stars!

Susan Sewell

The fulfillment of a millennia-old prophecy unfolds in the thrilling supernatural novel, The Serathari Prophecy by J.M. Ashcraft. Sera is a five-hundred-year-old vampire with no recollection of her childhood or her life prior to being eighteen. Moving to the New World in the sixteenth century, Sera wanders through the nation alone for the next several centuries. In a twist of fate, she meets one of the original vampires created twelve thousand years ago. He questions her origin and the rune tattooed on her shoulder, telling her to do some research and then contact him.

Fascinated and desiring to see the handsome stranger again, Sera goes to the University library and researches ancient druids. She is stunned by her discovery and finds that there may be more to her identity than just being an angry, blood-sucking barista working at a coffee hut. With her new knowledge, Sera's life takes a surreal and dramatic change. She is now being confronted by two factions of vampires. One is trying to convince Sera that she is a long-lost queen, and the other is trying to kill her. Either way, Sera is not happy with the circumstances. Who is Sera? Will she survive long enough to find out?

This brilliant supernatural novel, The Serathari Prophecy by J. M. Ashcraft, is filled with suspense and action. The story moves along at a quick pace, building to a dramatic finale. It is a well-written book with a solid, exciting plot, well-defined characters, and an intricately woven storyline. The book contains passion, deceit, and electrifying fight scenes that will enthrall readers of every age. Those who enjoy vampire books will not be disappointed. This outstanding novel far outshines Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series! I recommend it to everyone who loves the vampire genre.