You Can Understand the Book of Revelation

Exploring its Mystery and Message

Christian - Devotion/Study
256 Pages
Reviewed on 08/28/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lynette Fowlston for Readers' Favorite

You Can Understand The Book Of Revelation by Skip Heitzig takes the reader on an exploration of Revelation, one of the Bible books most people shy away from reading; perhaps due to its prophetic message or the symbols throughout, many people are afraid of the end times and what is coming. As the author helps one to explore the many different facets of this book, he gives the reader a summary at the beginning of each chapter and several Bible verses to study that deal with the chapter. He teaches one how to get a deeper appreciation of the power and majesty of Christ, what God's plans are for the last days here on Earth and how to be ready for Christ's return.

I have read several books dealing with the book of Revelation and also Daniel, as the two seem to go together; so when I get a chance to read another book dealing with this prophetic book, I always grab it. As I read through this book, I realized it is a study book; yet it’s not one that is going to take you through verses as some do. Instead, it takes you through the chapters and gives you an overview of each chapter. As with all books dealing with the study of the Bible, one should read their Bible along with it. If you are looking for a better understanding of Revelation then I would recommend picking up a copy of this book, your Bible, a pen and marker and have an enjoyable study.