Leah's Voice

By Lori DeMonia

"Leah's Voice," written by Lori DeMonia and illustrated by Monique Turchan, is a great story about accepting each and every person and treating everyone with respect and kindness. Logan's older sister Leah is on the autism spectrum; however, Logan does not realize this or really...

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Ling & Ting: Not Exactly the Same!

Passport to Reading Level 3
By Grace Lin

Ling and Ting, Not Exactly the Same features two young Chinese-American girls who are identical twins. But they insist that "We are not exactly the same," and they are not. In six stories that the emergent reader can manage, they get haircuts, try out a...

Learning To Love

By Crystal Thomas

Learning To Love by Crystal Thomas is a book with a message for all. Crystal learned how to love the hard way. In her book she shares her story and what she learned. It is very important that the reader spends time reading page 5...

LilyPad Princess

By Debi Faulkner

Debi Faulkner wrote a very interesting and refreshing twist into the tale of the frog prince. While this story reminds us of the classic tale, at the same time it is quite different from it. LilyPad-Princess starts like the classic tale, with a princess named...