The Learners Of Owamboland

The Children of Twaalulilwa School
By Gina Hutchins Inman, Dr. Karen Hutchins Pirnot

Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Award WinnerGina Hutchins Inman is a German-American citizen. In her desire to give to those less fortunate than herself, she traveled to Owamboland, Namibia, Africa where she spent 8 weeks with the children of the Twaahililwa School. She enjoyed the simplicity...

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There Goes My Everything

White Southerners in the Age of Civil Rights, 1945-1975
By Jason Sokol

Sokol's approach was unique, for his focus is on the ordinary white southerners. Sokol is a doctoral candidate in American history at the University of California, Berkeley. Well-researched and thoughtful, previous to the civil rights movement people lived by tradition and segregation seemed natural and unchallengeable...