Gypsy's Game

By Delia Latham

"Gypsy’s Game" by Delia Latham is the third book in her Solomon’s Gate Series. What would a man do when in a dream every night an Angel came to him and told him God wanted him to marry a certain woman. After many nights Jal...

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Gambling For Good Mail

By Evelyn Cole

The setting is southern California. Our lead character, Felicia, is a middle aged housewife addicted to shopping. She arduously studies mail order catalogs, searching for the illusive item that will give her satisfaction. Sadly, the material items bring no fulfillment. ...

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Goodbye Kiev

By Thomas C. Almond

First, this story is fictional, based on a true story. As I read it, it became hard to distinguish where fiction leaves off and truth takes over. It took me a little bit to get into the story line, but once I did, it was...