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The Deceived

By E.C. Fisher

The Deceived by E.C. Fisher is set in a parallel universe in which the Bible was written by the Devil and was devised to bring mankind down. In this story, Lucifer is behind religion as we know it and even Adam and Eve don’t know...


Part One: The Descendant of the King
By E.C. Fisher

The first part of Re:Camelot by E.C. Fisher is titled The Descendant of the King. On the planet Avalon, Merlin has a vision warning him of the return of the Black Knight and his vile creations. The only person that can stop him is the...

The Rain

By E.C. Fisher

The Rain by E.C. Fisher is a tale of supernatural horror. The death of Charlie Hamilton at Camp High Tide leaves more questions than answers. Detective Daniel Nash is on the case and, when he looks into Charlie’s background, he finds something rather ominous. Thirty...

Between the Page

A Collection of Three Short Horror Stories
By E.C. Fisher

Between the Page by E.C. Fisher is a Collection of Three Short Horror Stories. Open the cover and step into a spine-tingling creepy world. Thomas Douglas loves rare and interesting books. Going into his favorite bookstore one day, he finds a strange book with no...

Memorable Christmas

A Short Story
By E.C. Fisher

In the secluded Remembrance Town, people sell memories for everyday commodities, and they are busy during the holiday season making new memories to buy gifts. However, 12-year-old Matthew injured his head, which affects his memories. With nothing to sell, he stays alone in a deserted...


The Complete Edition
By E.C. Fisher

Re: Camelot: The Full Edition is an exciting retelling of the legend of King Arthur by E.C. Fisher. Arthur is just a normal teenager who was sent away by his bitter aunt to attend a boarding school in England. Everything changes when he's brought to...

Masked Conspiracy

A Noah Knolls Thriller
By E.C. Fisher

Masked Conspiracy (A Noah Knolls Thriller) by E. C. Fisher starts with a prologue that describes events of seven years ago in New York City. As the title reveals, the plot involves a secret organization that rewards its followers with wealth and power, if they...

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