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The Queen's Brother

By Isabella Berdyna Zysk

“Next to the fertile agricultural plains of Hildur, the tall mountains of Dumitra rose suddenly as if by magic in jagged snow-covered peaks.” Tasked with a secret mission by his sister, Queen Aldegunda of Hildur, Elisedd disguised himself as a pilgrim to investigate her suitors...

The King's Niece

By Isabella Berdyna Zysk

The King’s Niece is a work of medieval-style fantasy written in novella format and penned by author Isabella Berdyna Zysk. Set in Castle Penrith, a name inspired by the historical setting of Cumbria, pseudo-historical tale recounts the exploits of kings of neighboring lands, as told...

The Dowager's Daughter

By Isabella Berdyna Zysk

Isabella Berdyna Zysk presents another tantalizing medieval novella, The Dowager’s Daughter. Lady Leona’s first marriage was arranged, and she produced three sons as heirs to the Arnabys' Abbey. Her second marriage was to a lawyer and their love brought about Kimberly. Beloved by her titled stepfamily,...

The Earl's Son

By Isabella Berdyna Zysk

Set in the medieval world of the Asbians, The Earl's Son by Isabella Berdyna Zysk follows an endearing love story that is intertwined with fascinating adventures. The work begins with a secret meeting between Filbert, the future Earl of Furness and the current Baron of...

The Baron's Ward

By Isabella Berdyna Zysk

The Baron’s Ward is a short story written by Isabella Berdyna Zysk. Eighteen-year-old Eustacia Rose travels to Galeva to visit her relative, the Baron of Galeva, whom she hasn’t seen in years. She wonders why he hadn’t replied to the letters she wrote while attending...

The Venturous Tales

A Collection
By Isabella Berdyna Zysk

The Venturous Tales: A Collection is a work of fiction in the fantasy, pseudo-historical, and adventure sub-genres, and was penned by author Isabella Berdyna Zysk. This fascinating collection of medieval-style dramas contains five tales of royalty, intrigue, and family life. From nobles in disguise to...


A Tale of Generosity
By Isabella Berdyna Zysk

In a medieval world where women are only expected to be pretty, get married, and give birth to heirs to the throne, Adalindis begs to differ. Thanks to her supportive and loving father, Lord Morris, she grew up to be a fighter in every sense...