5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget

Simple Solutions. Abundant Results.

Non-Fiction - Business/Finance
126 Pages
Reviewed on 10/18/2019
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Author Biography

I was born and raised in the small New England town of Sanford, Maine, where I made life-long friends and gained experiences that would forever shape my journey. In my early adulthood, I moved to sunny Southwest Florida where I raised my two children, Julia and Zachary. In 2014, I traded the beaches for mountains to begin my next adventure in the great city of Denver, where I now live with my husband Jeremy and our adorable Shih-poo, affectionately known as Prince von Fluffernut. When I'm not writing, traveling, selling insurance, or brainstorming my next enterprise, you may find me doing headstands in the park, striking up philosophical conversation with strangers, singing karaoke with my family, or smoking a joint on my front porch. I have been a real estate agent, migrant farm worker, server, bus driver, DJ, business consultant, owner of the world’s first cannabis-infused day spa and insurance agent (to name a few of my explorations). I have had a prosperous career in entrepreneurship following many different pathways and dreams. I am passionate about encouraging others to follow their dreams, and I believe that everyone is capable of finding their own success—as long as they have the proper tools. I have dedicated myself to sharing my knowledge and experience with others so that they, too, can experience the satisfaction of living their life fulfilled.

    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

The book 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget: Simple Solutions, Abundant Results is a work of non-fiction focusing on finance and lifestyle, and was penned by author Danielli Martel. This concise but insightful guidebook takes readers through the core concepts of financial success, but not in the big bucks business trope of so many other guides. Martel relies on seeking value in what you already have, managing and living within your means to the absolute best of your ability. With essential topics like saving and growing, managing credit versus cashflow, things they miss out in basic education and a hard look at the true meaning of quality of life, the volume covers all the major aspirational aspects which readers desire when it comes to money.

Author Danielli Martel combines a deep sensibility for the pressures of modern life with a realistic and optimistic perspective on financial futures in this fantastic and achievable guide to better finance. The narration is down to earth without talking down to readers, and accepting of all starting situations and incomes, which can go on to become more stable and valuable financial futures. The information given is both realistic and achievable, even from its very early stages, which is sure to be highly encouraging to readers who have struggled to manage in the past. The eleven chapter format takes you through different stages with a sensible progression of time, and I was delighted to see the concept of philanthropy included at the journey’s end. Overall, 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget is a highly recommended true to life guide.

Renee Guill

Danielli Martel's 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget: Simple Solutions, Abundant Results by is a self-help book for your financing. She talks about how you should think about what you want in life, then budget for it. Martel talks about how to pay for cars, homes, vacations, schools, etc. She even gives you advice on philanthropy. She uses her stories as well as others to help prove her point. She also gives websites and why they are useful. She even has a website where you can share your stories, plus a free webinar. Danielli Martel gives advice for certain age and financial groups as well.

I thought that 5-Star Living on a 2-Star budget was extremely informative. I wish I had read this years ago. I liked the format as it’s easy to look up certain information, like what you need when buying a car. I loved how she didn’t just cater to the youngsters. I plan on using some of this info. Martel did a great job of explaining things without making you feel stupid, like how insurance works. She also gave great tips on philanthropy; some of this I had never heard of and hope to use. She makes the word budget sound like fun instead of a chore. I really loved the stories she used, especially the one about the gentleman dancing outside. This book is filled with lots of optimism and hope to show you that no matter how bad things get, they will get better. Definitely a must-read for anyone with money questions.

Christian Sia

Danielli Martel's 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget: Simple Solutions, Abundant Results is a financial tool that will help readers, at every level of their financial wealth, to find the freedom they badly need. Bringing her personal experiences and story into the writing, the author shows readers that one doesn’t need to be a millionaire to experience financial freedom. In fact, there is the kind of financial wealth that can make people slaves, but there is the financial wisdom that helps readers make practical choices, get the essentials they need for a decent life, and put off the stress that comes with huge debts. The book covers a variety of topics, including a standard of living as opposed to the quality of life, understanding one’s credit and cash flow, and the right mindset to get more from little.

Danielli Martel writes with confidence and articulates on the practical aspects of effectively using money to create a life that matters. While money might not be the central focus for most people, this author shows how they can use it to achieve greater levels of connection with themselves and with others. It is a book I wish I had read a long time ago before the numerous blunders I have had to make. This book offers the principles that can help anyone start creating a good financial life, understanding the mistakes most people make when it comes to financial choices, and making difficult decisions with confidence. The writing is fluid and enjoyable, melding an evocative style with the storytelling craft to inform and entertain readers. Martel's 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget: Simple Solutions, Abundant Results contains a lot of wisdom for readers.

Astrid Iustulin

Danielli Martel's 5-star Living on a 2-star Budget is a practical book that readers who want to use their money effectively will find filled with down-to-earth advice. If you are someone who considers money as a tool and wants to use every single penny wisely, then this is the book for you. Martel's 5-star Living on a 2-star Budget aims at showing useful techniques to achieve a good quality of life even if you are experiencing money troubles. Martel explores every situation a person can face in his or her life and dedicates a chapter to each topic, like buying a car or a house, fashion, food, wellness, education, and more.

I like books where the premise is that you do not need much money to live well. On the contrary, it is rather how you spend the money you have that makes the difference. Martel's 5-star Living on a 2-star Budget is the kind of book that explains how it is possible. It is an easy and practical guide where people can find new inspiration about how to use their money. Its realistic and pragmatic considerations and the focus of each chapter on a specific topic make it a valuable companion. Martel does not give the reader unreasonable suggestions. On the contrary, Martel’s simple tips and strategies consider the needs of daily life and are intended to enhance it. A book like this one can significantly improve a person’s life and change their way of thinking about money. I recommend it to everyone who wants a rational approach to his or her personal finances.

Edith Wairimu

While two notions about money abound in our current times - money as a source of validation and identity or money as a materialistic goal that results from selfish pursuits - Danielli Martel’s practical guide 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget offers a third option. The work shows money as a device that, when used responsibly and effectively, can achieve a quality life. It analyzes various major modern aspects of life - housing, fashion, food, education, philanthropy, among others - and offers simple accessible solutions that maximize the value of an individual’s income. In the fourth chapter, the work explores fashion as a person’s expression of who they are and not as a tool for displaying wealth. Minimalism and up-cycling are other themes discussed in the chapter.

Danielli Martel's 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget discusses solutions that create a balance between living and enjoying a quality life while spending money wisely. Most of the solutions offered are practical and can be applied by different people regardless of their income level. Martel shares some of the challenges she has faced along the way and how she got through them. The book contains separate sections labeled as “5-Star Thinking” which are techniques that can be used to maximize your potential and income. One section probes whether your income is equivalent to the value you add to your company. If a gap exists, the work points to this as an opportunity for the renegotiation of your salary. Straightforward and practical, 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget offers financial tools that will lead to a quality life and overall wellbeing.

Lucinda E Clarke

Danielli Martel's 5-Star Living on a 2-Star budget is a complete handbook on how to organize your money, get out of debt, and plan for your future. It leaves no stone unturned and is packed with excellent advice on financial management. It proves that you do not need to earn a fantastically high salary to live a happy and healthy life. Broken down into easy sections covering budgets, goals, discounts and more, it is easy to understand and easy to read, yet encouraging rather than preaching. Aimed at the American reader, a few of the links and suggestions are not applicable to readers in other countries but the basics on how money can be managed and work for you are universal truths.

I eagerly snapped up 5-Star living on a 2- Star budget by Danielli Martel as I have had to work my way out of debt and scramble up the financial ladder all over again. Many of the tricks and tips I have used and I know from experience that they work. Every page in this comprehensive book contains excellent, achievable advice and while I suggest reading it from cover to cover, it’s a book to go back to time and time again. I particularly liked two things. One is the great explanation of how money is not the root of all evil but how you can control your financial matters rather than let it control you and the misery it can cause when debts mount up. The second is the section on giving back, not always with money but in time and effort to those who are not as fortunate. Starting right from school, learning to budget, keeping expenses below your income for a positive net worth contributes to a happy and healthier life. This book is the perfect guide to achieving that and making money easy to understand and manage. Highly recommended.

Deborah Lloyd

This is not your typical financial advice book. It is one woman’s story of how she created financial success, but it was not a straightforward path. She had many jobs over the years (with some occurrences that could be considered failures); however, she ultimately manifested a wonderful life. Author Danielli Martel has personal experience in real estate, financial services, and owns a business. She shares her expertise in 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget: Simple Solutions. Abundant Results. While many savvy financial tips are shared, the most important aspect of this book is the creation of a fully lived life. The first chapter is entitled Standard of Living vs. Quality of Life in which she explains that the goal of getting rich may not result in the best life possible.

This book is written in a clear, concise style. The information is given in an easy-to-understand manner, accessible to readers with all levels of financial knowledge. Along the way, many examples of how to make choices that create 5-star living on a limited budget are given. For example, affordable alternatives to eating in fancy, expensive restaurants, and how to negotiate rates for travel expenses are explained. The quality-of-life aspect is delineated in the last chapter on helping others through philanthropic giving – everyone can do this, whether it is the gift of volunteering time, or donating small amounts of food or other necessities. Giving is not limited to the wealthy, and the benefits are many. In 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget by Danielli Martel, a great amount of practical information, as well as important factors to consider in creating financial satisfaction, are given.

Asher Syed

There is nothing in this world as exhilarating, frightening, problem-creating and problem-solving as money. Some will argue love, but even love is susceptible to being crushed by financial woes...an issue that 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget: Simple Solutions. Abundant Results by Danielli Martel works to help people eliminate. Martel gives readers the tools and tips needed to help maximize a budget without minimizing the better things in life. Chapters each have an explanation of household budgeting and point toward areas where savings can be made. There are also boxes with five-star tips, with suggestions such as checking with your car insurance provider when there are life changes to see if a premium can be reduced, and ways to give to charities by simply continuing to shop at online retailers that you likely already use.

Danielli Martel's 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget is written in a way that is extremely simple to understand and practical enough in its tips so that they might actually be applied. Unlike other cost-saving guides in the genre, Martel has an empathetic approach to what most people would be able to stick to when it comes to long-term budgeting. This isn't extreme couponing and you don't have to give up those special occasion dinners (but do try making them once in a while at home!). Instead, realistic solutions to everyday issues are provided. I think Martel is really on to something here and I will be flipping back through this book frequently as we approach the holiday season and the oft-promised New Year resolution of saving some cash.

Jamie Michele

Danielli Martel's 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget is a non-fiction self-help guide that aims to teach readers how to budget and manage their finances to cover all of the essential bases first, and then how to stretch, invest, and make the remainder work harder for you to cover some of the rest. Broken down into twelve chapters, Martel's book provides a lesson in basic home economics (with emphasis on the word economics) and general consumer math, then builds into comprehensive strategies on living the best life possible and within our means, with little compromise toward what a reader needs (or thinks they need) versus what a reader wants.

Danielli Martel had me committed at the mention of “Intellectual Stimulation”, and from there 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget became a confirmed five-star read. I feel like I have spent all the years since graduating college on a potato and ramen diet attempting to take back control of what I think life should be, with varied (er, horribly failed) results. I loved the idea of maximizing offers and keeping a “Gift Drawer”—a Martel method for obtaining high value items at promotional prices to later use as gifts. Additionally, the tips on how to travel without blowing a budget are excellent, providing advice such as, “If you opt for a country where the US dollar is worth more than the local currency, the exchange rate will benefit you and you will afford more for less.” Highly recommended to those just starting out and those who have dug themselves in so deep that starting over may just be the thing that's needed.

Rabia Tanveer

Danielli Martel's 5-Star Living on a 2-Star Budget is a book on how a person can manage their expenses without having financial stress on their mind. Anyone who earns a paycheck has to main their financials. While some people are naturally talented enough to keep up with their finances, some are unable to handle the pressure. This book will help you develop “healthy financial habits,” making even a dollar valuable and understanding how money can be used towards your financial growth. This book gives sound advice without making it complex. It will help the reader in developing a discipline where the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, and clothing are not hard to achieve. The book helps with making the most of what you have at the moment and how you can maximize it while still trying to save a little bit on the side.

The author gives very good advice that can be applied in real life. Usually, you don’t see many self-help books about maintaining monthly finances and I think the author has done a great job of not only filling the gap but also of ensuring the reader gets the best out of this book. I wholeheartedly agree with the author that financial discord can break a family; it leads to unwanted stress and mental pressure that no one deserves. The advice given to the reader is very practical. I believe it can be applied to almost every salary bracket and many people will learn to make better financial decisions. The language is simple, the author makes the ideas easy, and I had no problems understanding the concept. This will be very helpful for new earners!