Clara & Mr. Milo's Adventures

Children - Animals
156 Pages
Reviewed on 09/05/2022
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Author Biography

Clara Donis-Girma was born in Guatemala City. She was adopted as a child and is a cancer survivor. Clara graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a business degree. She started her own translation business in 2017 but has always loved nature, children, and pets.
After cancer treatment, Clara was left with a lot of physical and mental pain. She was constantly feeling down with no purpose. In 2021, Clara and her husband Daniel adopted Mr. Milo from a shelter in Central Florida. Mr. Milo, with his playful, funny, intelligent, sweet, and sour nature, helped Clara cheer up.

Clara introduced Mr. Milo to her family. Clara’s niece Adelyn, who loves animals and would love to be a veterinarian one day, at only six years of age, was very interested in the process of adopting a shelter pet. She asked Clara questions every time she played with Mr. Milo. This inspired Clara and Mr. Milo’s Adventures series. A heartwarming story that hopes to inspire shelter pet adoption and educate children about basic pet caring needs.

Clara’s favorite place is the beach. She also enjoys spending time with her family. Clara loves training and playing hide-and-seek with Mr. Milo. She feels privileged to share their home with Mr. Milo and can’t imagine her world without him. You can find Clara, Mr. Milo, and her husband Daniel enjoying a walk at the park or relaxing by the beach.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers' Favorite

Clara and Mr. Milo’s Adventures by Clara Donis-Girma is a picture book that opens by describing a little girl called Clara and how much she longs for a pet of her own. It’s divided into sections – Clara convincing Mommy she is responsible and can look after a pet, choosing a kitten at a rescue center, shopping with Mommy for everything a little cat would need, collecting her pet, traveling home, deciding on a name, Mr. Milo’s first day, a visit to the vet, and Clara’s sixth birthday when Mr. Milo meets all her friends. Every page is beautifully illustrated by Lana Lee in an appealing cartoon style, and the details of the steps involved in adopting an animal from a rescue center are clear and told in a manner sure to interest youngsters.

I loved the way Clara and Mr. Milo’s Adventures begins with a wish and ends with a celebration. I shall avoid including a spoiler for the lucky adults who buy this gorgeous book and get to read it. Suffice to say it made me laugh. There is plenty of detail in every picture to amuse younger children while a grown-up reads aloud, and the words are clear. Repeated readings would encourage them to follow and learn, and that is a bonus! The vital message is that while rescuing an animal is a wonderful idea, it means caring for it when you’d rather be doing something else. Clara Donis-Girma has created a gem of a picture book that will be treasured by families for generations.


Very inspiring! It really teaches children about the responsibility of having a pet.


My twins have been following the series. They love learning the process of adopting and caring for a kitten. They laugh at the beautiful images and can’t wait to get their own pet. I really like how it emphasizes responsibility. Well deserved five stars!

John Sinod

Wonderful review! My wife purchased the separate episodes for my daughter. She is a pet lover and enjoys watching cat videos. She thinks that they are hilarious! She talks about adopting kittens and we agreed that she needs to be responsible to care for a pet. Reading this series is helping her understand that a pet is not a toy and she has to learn responsibility to be prepared. We love the series and we hope the author continues expanding the series. It's very informative and funny with lovely illustrations.