Dark Paradise

Romance - Suspense
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 03/30/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

<p>Lucas and Sara clashed at their first meeting.  She purchased the property that adjoined his land.  He demanded it was his right to buy the land; however, he could not meet the price.  The two stubborn people felt drawn to each other even as they fought.  Sara offered to work with Lucas’ daughter.  The girl had not spoken since her mother’s death.  Sara had seen miracles happen before through art.  When accidents began to plague Sara and her friends, Lucas was the chief suspect.</p>
<p>Dark Paradise captivated me.  The plot is made of first rate romance and suspense.  The tension slowly builds to a crescendo ending.  Carolyn LeComte is a talented author.  She developed characters with depth.  I felt as though I knew Lucas and Sara.  Grace and Caleb added extra dimension to the plot.  I will be watching for more books by Carolyn LeComte.</p>
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Jessica DiPaolo

In a time when fast-paced stories, intricate plots and surprise endings are the virtual cost-of-entry for the literary masses, Dark Paradise holds its own. The author has created a tale which never ceases to keep us guessing, and delivers it wrapped in a rich, beautiful weaving of characters. I felt I was simultaneously reading a contemporary best-seller and classic novel as I wanted to turn the pages more quickly while savoring the poetic story flowing off of each page.

This most certainly is a call to writers and book lovers everywhere that beautiful prose and deep characters need not be compromised for the modern-day appeal of complex plots and hold-your-breath endings. This author manages to do both, seamlessly, and by doing so has uniquely branded her masterful style.

I eagerly anticipate this author's next book!

Melissa Caldwell

This book was a great Sunday read! It was interesting and very we written. I loved the dynamics of the characters and the plot was simply delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed the twist near the end! I couldn't stop reading this book and have recommended it to my friends who are into this genre!

B. Meister

I read this book quickly and was drawn into the story enough that I kept turning pages though I had only originally sat down to read a few pages while my children were occupied.

I like the relationship development between Sara and Lucas. I also really enjoyed the interaction between Sara and Lucas's daugter Emmy. The flamboyant character of Mattie was a fun splash of color in the story as well. The twist that this book takes towards the end actually at least for me turns it into more of a thriller or suspense book. I wasn't exactly sure who was behind the twists and turns until just about being on top of the answer!

I think it is important to make note that some of this book is a bit graphic and the domestic violence portrayed as a level of realism that may not be comfortable for the gentle readers. But if you like a bit of romance, a bit of heart-wrenching and a whole lot of thrill be sure to pick up this book!

M. Roussin

Last night I finished Dark Paradise. Reading this novel was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for me for the following reasons:

I loved the plot twists. Nothing was predictable.

The characters remained fresh throughout. Sara grew as a person in the course of the novel as did Lucas, Mattie, Kai, Caleb, Jim Castle, and even Emily.

The Hawaiian environment was like an additional character in the novel. Carolyn LeComte described flora and fauna that I had never encountered before. Her descriptions of the lay of the land made it seem as if I (the reader) was there. It was easy to see why Sara thought of this place as "paradise."

Carolyn LeComte's references to high-end cars (and others) added value and interest.

Whenever she introduced food and/or meals they were mouth watering.

Harking back to Sara's former home in Massachusetts and especially Cape Cod added dimension and interest for this reader. I especially liked the sneaky reference to Arrowhead and Moby Dick.

All references to art in the novel introduced light and color. They provided a foil for the increasing darkness of the plot. During the darkest part of the novel in David's living room, Sara's reflection on her painting "Fire Mist" lightened and brightened the atmosphere and introduced Hope.

No character was boring. In my opinion Carolyn LeComte's description of Lucas's mother Grace made her a kind of lighthouse for the other characters, a benign, gracious presence.

Everything that happened made sense.

The character "Toni" should become a classic. Her unique evilness puts her right up there with Cruella DeVill (sp?). Brilliant.

Sour, charmless Henry is another provocative character. Psychopathic David just plain evil, like a killer spider spinning a web in which innocents (and not-so-innocents) get trapped.

On the whole this is an amazing work; I am in awe of the author's ability to tell such an intriguing story.

Dianne M. Ferrara

I loved this story and the characters. LeComte masterfully blends the elements of mystery, romance, and the personal growth of the characters to make this story hard to put down. I am looking forward to reading more from this very talented author.

T. Piontkowski

I loved this book and was sorry to be finished reading it so soon. If you like romance you will love this exciting tale. It transports you to a different time and place and makes you forget yourself as you enjoy each twist and turn of the plot. I can't wait to read more from this author!