Easy Money

Fiction - Suspense
174 Pages
Reviewed on 07/11/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lynette Fowlston for Readers' Favorite

Easy Money by Daryl Moore is the story of two teenage age boys who want to make extra money for the summer before heading off to college. Best friends Skip and Greg are both tired of being broke all the time. Even though Greg has a job as a part time cashier in a Pizza restaurant, he is making next to nothing and what girl wants a guy who has no money? The solution? Sell marijuana. Skip talks Greg into it, and when the money starts to flow, surveillance follows. Skip has a mother who really doesn’t care, and Greg’s mother is the opposite. Having to do chores before he goes to work, he soon finds out that selling drugs takes precedent over his home life, that is, till they get caught. Will the thought of fast cash and beautiful women change these two, or what does life have in store for them?

The difference between the two friends makes the reader wonder who to feel sorry for the most: Skip who has no one at home to really care what he does or Greg who has a very dominate mother who controls his every step. The reader can feel the tension in the lives of these two boys.

I found led characters’, Skip and Greg, way of reasoning rather interesting. They wanted women and women were not interested unless they had money. The solution to their problems: do something illegal, sell pot. The author Daryl Moore cleverly demonstrates that the easy way out is not always the best way. He shows the downward spiral the lives of the two young men take once they enter the world of drug pushers. Easy Money is well written I believe the author wrote this tome in hopes of reaching young people.

This book maybe small on pages but it is big on message. I easily read this book in one setting. The author takes the readers into the world of the small time drug dealer. There is a strong message in this book, “crime does not pay.” It will either straighten you up or send you down the road to destruction. Easy Money is well written but could use a little editing. The characters were likable. I wanted to shout at them and tell them there is another way of life. I recommend this book for teens.