Expressions of Empowerment

An Introspective Guide for Personal and Professional Success

Non-Fiction - Self Help
506 Pages
Reviewed on 06/09/2017
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Author Biography

Lisa Morgan Mosley is a seasoned business leader, author and motivational speaker with more than 25 years of experience enhancing corporate performance. Throughout her career, Lisa has successfully developed operating procedures and sales strategies that capitalized on the company’s objectives. She regularly monitored daily sales and profit and loss reports to make adjustments necessary to deliver planned goals. She was focused on increasing profits and building the customer base while improving productivity and brand recognition at a national level.
Lisa’s most recent position was as a Business Sales Manager for Apple Inc., where she consistently exceeded Apple’s high standard for total customer satisfaction while engaging with companies seeking to optimize efficiency through innovative cloud-based services and mobile technology platforms.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Expressions of Empowerment: An Introspective Guide for Personal and Professional Success by Lisa Morgan Mosley is a groundbreaking work that offers tools and strategies to develop the one ingredient that ensures success: Motivation. In this book, you’ll find attitudes that allow you to communicate with confidence, to integrate it into your system and work ethics, to allow it to transform your work experience into one of utter success. You’ll find step-by-step guides, powerful insights, to-do lists that are designed to usher you into the professional arena, poised for success. Here is a book that will serve as a vade-me-cum for both those aspiring to leadership and those who want to bring life and success to their professional and personal life.

Lisa Morgan Mosley’s book is well-written and I enjoyed the fact that she adopts a simple, popular, conversational style in her writing, which makes the work very accessible. Here is a book that teaches readers to start taking themselves seriously. Yes, because no one will take you seriously if you can’t show them that you can take yourself seriously. Here is a book that trains you to overcome the only obstacle that stands in your way — yourself. There are many wonderful parts in this book and I loved it when the author talked about taking commitments seriously and honoring them. I enjoyed the part about our relationship with our work environment and how to transform it into something that inspires us. I loved the section about “Good Vibes” and the author’s wonderful take on laughter as a healing, powerful tool that allows us to connect with the best in us and with others. Expressions of Empowerment: An Introspective Guide for Personal and Professional Success is loaded with so many lessons. Yes, it’s a book to read over a long period of time. You can also choose the parts that are most necessary for you and focus on them. This book will revolutionize your personal and professional life.

Gisela Dixon

Expressions of Empowerment: An Introspective Guide for Personal and Professional Success by Lisa Morgan Mosley is a non-fiction book on how we can take our power back instead of giving it away. Expressions of Empowerment starts off with a brief introduction to Lisa and the format and objective of this book, which is then broken down into small chapters and sub-sections. Some of the main topics covered include learning to be in the present moment, the importance of mind over matter, how to keep a positive and stress-free outlook which is related to what one eats, mental attitude, paying attention to one’s needs, the importance of friends and sharing, practicing gratitude, the importance of persistence and patience, and finally developing a sense of self-worth through all of this, both in one’s personal and professional lives. There is also a list of “Empowering questions” presented throughout the book that are meant to be self-assessment tools for self-improvement. The illustrations throughout this book are fun and provide a pop of color.

I thought Expressions of Empowerment: An Introspective Guide for Personal and Professional Success by Lisa Morgan Mosley was a well-written book and it is easy to tell that Lisa writes from experience. Her voice is clear and strong throughout this book and the style is assertive, yet without being overpowering. What I especially appreciated was the fact that although Lisa comes from a background of career coaching, this book is about both personal and professional development. I found some of the stress-relievers mentioned to be especially useful and I will definitely be making use of some of them. This is a book that teaches people to be self-confident and empowered while still remaining empathetic to human needs. I would recommend it!

Danita Dyess

Expressions of Empowerment: An Introspective Guide for Personal and Professional Success by written by Lisa Morgan Mosley. As a former manager, she has navigated complex situations and deftly handled key relationships. But knowing the value of family and friends is one of the important things to being fully alive. "Knowing others is wisdom; knowing self is enlightenment," said Lao Tzu. This statement is demonstrative of Mosley's mindset. According to her, empowerment is "authority or power given to someone to do something." Reading Mosley's advice will help you handle changing circumstances, learn from nature, view failure as a stepping stone, and give to those less fortunate.

The cover art has beautiful hues of yellow, pink and orange that reflect the upbeat, positive vibes of this inspirational work. Lisa Morgan Mosley is a talented writer who enables the reader to draw inspiration from a myriad of sources, e.g. nature, relationships, sports, hobbies and healthy diets. This step-by-step guidebook is comprehensive. The tone is friendly but authoritative. I appreciated the photos and quotations and the subcategories of the 15 chapters. My favorite chapter was Chapter 15 - You Have a Voice - because it emphasized respect for all individuals and their opinions. This could be used as a training manual or ebook for spiritual and personal development. Expressions of Empowerment is highly recommended.

Divine Zape

Expressions of Empowerment: An Introspective Guide for Personal and Professional Success by Lisa Morgan Mosley is an enlightening book that will empower readers and make them authors of the kind of life they want to live. Here is a comprehensive book about empowerment, about the art of taking responsibility for one’s happiness, and the author does an excellent job by confronting readers with real life issues and offering insight on how to navigate them. In this book, readers will learn how to create the balance that keeps them healthy while pursuing their dreams, discover the secret ingredients to relationships that are empowering and meaningful—whether in personal life or in business—as well as uncover the secret of saying “no” and choosing to invest in one’s self, create the inner space where they feel connected with themselves and with others, and a lot more.

Lisa Morgan Mosley’s writing is simple and very accessible and I enjoyed how she lets her personality come through in her writing. The book is structured to allow the reader to scan through and easily choose the parts that appeal most to them. I also loved the way the author talked about self-care, an important ingredient in the journey towards empowerment and self-motivation that is hardly considered by many readers. Expressions of Empowerment: An Introspective Guide for Personal and Professional Success is a book that is timely, and it gave so many answers to many of the questions I have carried with me for years. You won’t treat yourself the way you have done until now after reading this powerful book.

Vernita Naylor

Are you a fan of Iyanla Vanzant? If so, you're going to truly enjoy Expressions of Empowerment: An Introspective Guide for Personal and Professional Success by Lisa Morgan Mosley. This self-help book mirrors the marriage of two of Ms. Vanzant’s work - In The Meantime and One Day My Soul Just Opened Up - because of the empowerment, inspiration and the freedom that is being conveyed to the reader. There are over fifteen chapters, such as Being Present, Finding Joy In Your Journey and Just Let It Go, that contain over seventy-five sections where you will not only obtain affirmations, words of wisdom and be provided guidance, but after each section you are challenged to complete three empowering questions that are designed for you to dig deep into your being after reading that section. See Lisa Morgan Mosley as your personal coach, holding your hand and walking you through to your greatness.

Do you know how to tell if you've picked up a good book? Read the Table of Contents. When I did this, I said, "Wow!" immediately because Lisa Morgan Mosley nailed it. Each chapter in Expressions of Empowerment was designed to help me with various facets of my life. And the empowering questions caused me to not only pause, but made me reflect, embrace, and recall parts of me that needed to be exposed, worked on, and healed. If you want to see a change in your life, have assistance in working through your inner core, and ask yourself those pertinent questions that you are afraid to ask, this is definitely the book for you.