Highly Effective Teaching Strategies

Winning in the Classroom

Non-Fiction - Education
86 Pages
Reviewed on 08/11/2017
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Author Biography

As an English teacher for more than 30 years and camp administrator and consultant for almost as long, I have learned from master educators and honed my own skills to develop a powerful and effective teaching strategy over the past three decades. The strategies in my book can help both new and seasoned teachers alike become more effective in the classroom.
In my years in education, tutoring, and camp consulting,  I was voted into Who’s Who in American Teachers and have been a featured speaker at the Young Adult Institute (YAI) Conference in New York City, the New York State and New Jersey Reading Conferences, the Tristate Camping Conference in New York and New Jersey, and The Canada Camping Conference. As the owner of Grade Success Tutoring for over twenty years, I have helped many of my clients work through much more than just tests and academics. I have helped with a large amount of personal, physical, and emotional difficulties.
Many of my articles have been featured in newspapers, parent and camp magazines, and more. It is my hope to help people reach their full potential.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Barbara Fanson for Readers' Favorite

Highly Effective Teaching Strategies is a great book for developing course outlines and instruction motives that can be used for years—even if the type of curriculum changes. Author Marc Hoberman provides lots of examples of how he prepares lesson plans, adds questions, and discusses a few ways of keeping records. Each lesson should start with an objective so students know what they are expected to learn each day. Should students have homework each day? He has very strong opinions about how homework should be handled and whether there should be homework assignments every day. Be sure to understand the curriculum and what test is lurking in the background. It’s important for students to understand the lesson and prepare for future tests.

Highly Effective Teaching Strategies explains how you can take advantage of audio and visual aids in the classroom. Author and teacher Marc Hoberman explains, “In your classrooms there are audio, visual, kinesthetic, tactile, and other learners and you need to address the many learning styles of these children as efficiently as possible. Differentiated instruction is not easy, but it is the only way to reach the many students with whom you come in contact.” Teachers used to use cassette tapes and VCR tapes, but now YouTube and Smartboards are the popular choice. During assemblies, do you sit with your students or stand along the wall with some of the other teachers? His thought-provoking questions and discussions will have all teachers, parents, and other instructors questioning their method and the purpose of it. He will also share techniques of classroom management and managing student behavior, conduct contracts and supply rentals, telephoning and meeting with parents, dealing with all types of colleagues, handling students, and learning from the Masters.

Chapter 10 is a must-read section because it contains advice from several teachers. There are several sample letters and forms at the back of the book that can be adapted for your class. When people ask author and teacher Marc Hoberman what he makes, he replies “I make a difference.” His confidence and wisdom from 33 years of teaching show through in every page. All teachers and instructors will benefit from the reminders in Highly Effective Teaching Strategies.

Jerome Joseph

Compelling and useful. This book will benefit new and seasoned teachers alike. A great addition for the tool belt of all instructors.