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Reviewed on 03/14/2009
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Faith Evans opens her heart in Keep The Faith

I felt very out of touch with the world when I began this book. I admit I had no idea who Faith Evans is or who Big was. Ok. I am also admitting my age at over 50. Yet, I was quickly drawn in to Keep The Faith.

Faith Evans bares her soul to her readers. The loss of her husband was neither the beginning nor the end of her story. She began singing in a Baptist church at 3-years-old. She married and had a child while still in college. After signing with Bad Boy Records she began her own career.

Life after the loss of her husband was filled with chaos. However, she pulled herself together and continued her life. Ms. Evan’s life has been one of drama. However, she has never given up. Keep The Faith inspired me to listen to some of her music. “I’ll Be Missing You” is beautiful. Ms. Evans not only writes an inspiring book, but also has a beautiful voice.


During the blazing mid-90s when R&B was still laser hot and Puffy Daddy was defining the voice of a generation, way before all the fabricated madness of reality TV shows, there was a voice constantly getting either lost in the shuffle or being completely misunderstood. I remember when Faith came on the scene. I remember all the drama surrounding her since the beginning of her public career. She was tagged as Biggie's wife in the One More Chance remix video and of course, everyone and their mama had something to say about that. Rumors about how she married him in 9 days and for money, etc etc. But I always saw something else: TALENT. Yeah, Mary J. is the Queen of Hip Hop Soul and rightly so. But the same way I feel Gladys Knight will always be in the shadow of Aretha's Queen of Soul, is how I feel about Faith Evans. When Faith dropped "Used to Love You" I remember people loving the song but also saying she "trying" to be like Mary. Which I always knew couldn't be further from the truth. I purchased the classic, underrated, and beautiful first album and knew that Faith has had something special. Something uniquely her own. As the media drama continued after the death of Tupac and then Biggie, I always wondered what Faith's story was. I always wanted to know how a church girl from New Jersey who ended writing songs in the beginning of her career for Usher and Mary J. ended up marrying Biggie Smalls, being the First Lady of Bad Boy, and survive the constant criticisms and fickleness of the industry to be an R&B legend in her own right. Well if you're wondering this too, this is definitely the book for you. Faith takes us on her journey and it's a strange, beautiful, sometimes cruel and painful voyage. I love Faith's honesty. She admits her flaws and her own endless mistakes. She never claims to be an innocent person or being above anyone. She just tells it like it is. The intimacy of the book makes you feel like you're talking on the phone with her, rather than reading it. You get lots of insight into the industry, especially the R&B scene in the 90's which I also found fascinating. I recommend this book to every fan of Faith, every lover of 90's hip hop, anyone searching for a story about a survivor whose beautiful song carries on through every note, laugh, cry, and page of this book.

Craig A. Seymour

As a longtime music journalist, who once interviewed Faith for a VIBE magazine group cover story, I have to say that the best part of this book is that it sounds like Faith is actually talking to you. The tone is intimate and conversational, and Faith is very detailed about the ups and downs of her life. The book is riveting because, not only does Faith have an interesting personal background as a mixed-race child who was raised in a strict religious household in Brick City by two distant relatives, but her path crossed with so many people who have come to define the r&b, pop, and hip-hop of our time, including a young Usher recording his first album, Mary J. Blige at the height of her "My Life"-era troubles, and Sean "Puffy" Combs as he was in the beginning stages of building his empire. (And this isn't even getting into the stuff about B.I.G., who's still considered by many to be the greatest rapper of all time.) As a memoir writer myself (All I Could Bare: My Life in the Strip Clubs of Gay Washington, D.C.), I know how hard it is to turn a series of life experiences into an engaging story. But Faith and her co-writer Aliya S. King have successfully done that.


This is an amazing book! I couldn't put it down. Faith honestly tells her story and easily captures your attention. Even more importantly, her sense of responsibility is refreshing. Not blaming and finger pointing like some biographies. Life happens and she deals, point blank. Faith, I wish you much success with the sale of this book. Keep em' coming, us "ride or die" chicks need good literature too!

Love to Read

I was very impressed with Faith's first book "Keep The Faith". I felt it was very truthful and heartfelt. I've always been a big supporter of Faith considering she grew up a few blocks from where I live. Certain things she touched on in the book I had heard about YEARS before this book ever came into existence so I have no doubt, that she was very truthful with her words. I enjoyed this book a lot! This book took me down memory lane of my own life while reading what Faith was going through during those very same years which, brought a smile to my face! Good job Faith! I'm always proud to see someone from "The Bricks" become a success story. I'll look forward to your next book. I highly recommend picking this one up!

Cydney Rax

Based on Faith's musical history, I figured I'd be in for a treat, but KEEP THE FAITH took me beyond my expectations. From page one, her memoir proves to be candid, moving, at sometimes sad. It's a pageturning book that perfectly captures Faith's account of how she broke into the music industry, and who she met along the way. I enjoyed reading the detailed info about what went on behind the scences when she was recording her debut album. And I sympathized and could relate to the mistakes she made in relating to various men. I actually cheered when she had to throw down a few times when certain females overstepped their boundaries when it came to her union with Biggie Smalls. And I enjoyed how her vivid portrayl absolutely made me feel like I went back in time and could see and for myself all the glorious and tragic incidents that have become a legendary part of her life. KEEP THE FAITH is highly recommended due its honesty, relatability and lessons that can be learned through her colorful life.

A. Carter

This is one of the best reads of the summer! Hopefully all the rumors can finally be put to rest! Everything is addressed; MJB, Missy, Puffy, BIGGIE, Tupac, and Lil Kim. The stories are vivid in detail and will make you laugh out loud. Faith delivers many-o-BEAT DOWNS... "WHAT'S GOOD N----, WHAT'S REALLY GOOD?!" Some of the infamous Who's Who of HIP-HOP is also in this book from Jacob-the-Jeweler to Reggie "REDMAN" Noble... Faith actually dated this dude in High School! The book recounts many naive decisions by Faith both professional and personal. Talent often goes unrewarded if you don't know your business and as a young 20 something, Faith seemingly gets taken for bad repeatedly. It's almost like reading Will Smith's 'The Pursuit of Happiness', you just keep waiting for something good to happen. Folks/friends seemingly walk in and out of Faith's life without explanation, while her main focus is BIGGIE. You get a sense Faith was not aware of anything outside of the dude she was with. It becomes apparent that personal life took precedence over a singing career.

But without a doubt Faith is one of the GREAT VOICES to come along in a long time... Hopefully, now that all the baby making is done, we fans can finally get that FUNK-PIMPED OUT album that we've been waiting for.... or at least a duets CD with MJB!

-"Tupac Shakur" by Vibe Magazine
-"Unbelievable: The Life, Death, and Afterlife of the Notorious B.I.G" by Vibe Magazine

All three books corroborate and paint a decent picture of these people, those events, and that MONUMENTAL moment in music history!

Sing for me Faye!


This book was so good. It was like watching a movie. I almost felt like I took a trip back to the mid nineties. Faith was good at making it seem like she was talking to you. I was laughing at certain parts and saying whaaaaaaaaat at other parts. I respect Faith for keepin it real. She really told how she felt about certain things. I'm glad she didn't hold back on saying certain things about certain celebrities. I feel a connection to Faith now. Thank you Faith for keepin it real!!

R. Blanton

Wow, is all I can say. In just over 24 hours I read this entire book. I kept putting it down to savor it, but I just kept picking it rigth back up. I have been an avid fan of Faith since 1995 and am a die hard supporter of her to this day. I thought I knew everything there was to know about the First Lady, but after I read this book, I realized there was so much more. Her honesty and rawness will really make you appreciate all the struggles she went through. I dont know what the dude who rates her 2 stars was talking about, Faith by no means has painted herself to be innocent about anything. In fact she paints a picture of a young girl distraught and without the proper guidance and a lot of young ladies today should be able to read, relate and draw inspiration from this book. It's a must read for anyone who's ever loved Faith Renee Evans!

Leslie C. Brown

As someone who is a true lover of music (every genre) and sometimes overly obsessive with every aspect of my favorite stars lives, I will have to say that Keep The Faith is definitely a must read!!!

I have been a fan of Faith's since her debut album and was very eager to get some closure of all the relationship rumors between Faith & Biggie, Puff, Mary J, Lil Kim, Charli Baltimore, Missy, Tupac and the list goes on and on. I appreciate Faith's honesty in this book. She painted a vivid picture of her life. The ups and downs, the good and the bad. There were so many questions from the fan regarding these broken relationship rumors and Faith's involvment with the West Coast (Tupac). Faith puts it all down in her book. I was intrigued with every chapter. I did not want to put the book down. Faith answered all my questions and so much more. I'm sure that this was healing for her as it did provide closure for me.

Faith is "A True Champion" for sharing her story with the world.

R. Brown

First i must say that this book put me through a number of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I got angry and in the end i felt happy for Faith and as a fan i finally got closure . I remember clearly wondering back in 96-97 if any of the things said about faith in the media was true. I felt sorry for her. More because she didn't respond to any of the accusations in the media. I was more stuck because there are two sides to every story. I wanted for her to come out blazing on all the hatters but no response until now. Faith if you ever get to read this review I just wanna say that i am proud and happy for you. You have come a long way. Coming out with this book showed me that we have a lot in common. I too am a gemini and reading how you handled certain situation in life and people showed me we are a lot alike and that you are human just like everybody else. Reading your book was like theorpy for me. Many times i would laugh and say to my self while reading this book " I did the same thing too" But now that i am older i have learned to take care of me. Thank you Faith I put you on my list of favorite books right with the Coldest Winter ever. Your book was just that good . God Bless and remember to keep the faith.

S. Garrison

The novel addresses many issues, including that of Big's ex-lover Lil Kim, from the reason she has an unreasonable hate for Foxy Brown(biggie wanted her for junior mafia), to the fact that Big was sleeping with three women at the time he was sleeping with Kim, and how horribly he treated her.

Dead..lil kim fans are downeddddddddddddddddd

Marie A. davis

This book was a page turner and I must say very well written, I have always been a fan of Faith Evans but now I am even more admiration for her as an artist and now author, I laughed, cried, sat with my mouth wide open in disbelief at times reading this book. It took me back to the mid 90's when hip hop was at it's finest thanks to bad boy and B.I.G (rest in peace) Faith you are truly a soldier and thank you for sharing your story with us your (true fans) who waited and waited for this moment to come, keep up the good work and keep the faith. I don't care how long it took for you to tell your side of the story it was worth the wait,

Tosha Winter

I recently bought a bunch of books in this genre, because I love hip hop and I love the fact that all these women aren't afraid to tell their stories, which I believe is uplifting to women in a genre that is doggin them out right now.

Well, Faith is no exception. I have always thought Faith could sing, but her albums never did as much for me as a Mary J. Blige or a Keyshia Cole joint, mainly because although she could sing I never knew her pain and her struggle. Maybe it was bad publicity on her label's part, but I just wasn't into her story.

After reading "Keep The Faith," I have become a new Faith fan! I never knew all the things she comes clean about, and it was refreshing to hear a woman in the industry just tell the truth about what it's like. From the Biggie stuff to the bad boy stuff to all the stuff in her life (though I couldn't get into some of the technical singing things she went on and on about in the beginning), Faith has given hip hop one heck of a story to pick up.


I never expected this book to be as good it was! Wow! Faith opens up to readers and doesn't hold anything back in this book. She tells how she grew up, she lets us in on her relationships with the different men she dated and slept with including Biggie and her new husband Todd.

Lil Kim, Missy, PDiddy, Tupac and Mary J..she gives us a front row seat to what REALLY went on with them in reference to her. (Lil Kim, Lil Kim, Lil Kim..shaking my head)

I started this book and only put it down to cook, sleep and go to work. I laughed and cried as Faith told the events of her life from a little girl to a grown woman. This book was GOOD, GOOD, GOOD! It deserves more than just five stars!!

W. Carter

I have been a fan of Faith Evans since 1995 and I knew I had to buy her memoir as soon as it was released. She is very HONEST, humble and allows the reader to connect to the situations in the book so well. I stayed up all night and almost finished the book in one read. It's definitely a page turner and you can't put it down for one second.

The book has a slow start, but once it draws you keeps you there!

I highly reccomend the book and I hope to see more of Faith in the future!

Most Divine One

This book is a really good read from beginning to end. There is no beating around the bush in this personal account from Faith, very open and honest. This book could be perceived as scandolous but it is not.Faith manages to keep it real in regards to what she was going through and feeling about relationships with Mary, Tupac, Biggie, and Puffy without sounding as if she was holding on to any longstanding grudges. She's is as detailed as can be about the ups and down that she's experienced in her lifetime up until now. Its actually provides good insight as to how hard it is to make it and maintain in the entertaiment industry. She does carry on a conversational type approach in how she reflects on her past as if she is specifically engaged in conversation with the reader. Honestly, once i started reading the book it was hard to put it down-it was that good. I definitely recommend reading it!!;-)

Lauren Graham

I am so happy that Faith Evans finally came out with a book. I have always admired her as an artist no matter how the media portrayed her. This is a very good book to read and I did find it to be very inspirational for a young adult such as myself. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good book to read.