Miss Nude Canada's Shoes (And Other Fiascos)

A Memoir (Act III * Hodgepodge)

Non-Fiction - Memoir
277 Pages
Reviewed on 03/18/2020
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    Book Review

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

Miss Nude Canada's Shoes (And Other Fiascos): Hodgepodge is a work of non-fiction written in a comedic memoir style by author Jeff Pearson. Hodgepodge forms the third book of stories in this highly entertaining series, which chronicles the life of the author through many bizarre and awkward circumstances. This edition includes stories that feature a wild exploration of Asia with his then-girlfriend Cathy, his experiences looking after teens who were, at the time in the nineties, labeled “mentally challenged”, and a nostalgic look back at the love of a dear pet. What results is a tremendous and emotive collection of stories to treasure.

Author Jeff Pearson’s work only increases in quality as the stories keep coming, and I think Act Three: Hodgepodge has actually been my favorite in all I’ve read. We feature a more mature version of the author in these tales. Though he’s no less prone to surreal and disastrous things happening to him, there’s a poignancy and a sense of capability that comes through the strangeness now. I was most touched by the final tale, Riley to the Rescue, which brings us almost up to date in more recent times, and really gives true insight into the full character of the author as an adult, shaped by all these wonderfully weird experiences. Overall, you should certainly read all of Jeff Pearson’s amazing life stories for the full effect, and Miss Nude Canada's Shoes (And Other Fiascos): Hodgepodge will be the cherry on top of a high-quality memoir series.