Obsidian Hunger

Undercover Elementals Book 4

Romance - Paranormal
250 Pages
Reviewed on 08/16/2020
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Teresa Syms for Readers' Favorite

Obsidian Hunger (Undercover Elementals Book 4) is an action-packed paranormal romance by Anna Durand. Harper Goode, a young woman with a complicated past and even more complex present, is being tracked and hunted by Max, a sex-starved incubus from the Unseen Realm; a realm that Harper swears she will destroy. Her vow to destroy it was made after an Obsidian Fae murdered her best friend thirteen years ago. Now as Max invades Harper’s world, her life becomes complicated. She doesn’t understand her attraction to Max, yet she knows that as an Elemental, he can take her into the Unseen. Max, the over two-thousand-year-old salamander, is only concerned with feeding his lust, and Harper is the only one that can satisfy his hunger. Both Harper and Max are being hunted and feel the dark forces closing in on them. Who will survive in the onslaught of the Obsidian Fae?

Anna Durand has worked intense magic in her book Obsidian Hunger (Undercover Elementals Book 4). Every character introduced is highly developed and created in such a way that the reader is absorbed into their life. You can feel yourself becoming the character. I applaud the seamless connection Durand has made between the mortal and Unseen realms. This story is well-developed, exceptionally well written, and packed with action, sex, and some light humor. The reader barely has time to take a breath as the story, battles, and sexual interludes unfold. Durand is a master at unraveling the multiple threads that bind each character together. I highly recommend reading this book. It’s an adventure you will not regret.