Patient 13

Fiction - Fantasy - General
283 Pages
Reviewed on 04/10/2011
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Lynn Fowlston for Readers' Favorite

In an experimental lab, elderly alcoholics were given a trial drug. Patient 13 started to change and became younger by the minute. After he escaped the lab the head of the company, The Memphis Corporation, demands his return...dead or alive.

Patient 13 was one the worst of the alcoholics they experimented on. Not only was he dirty and smelly, he had a grotesque scar down the side of his face, a large concave dent in his head, and he appeared to be blind in his one eye. Doctor Deirdre Mason thought he was harmless but was apprehensive about entering his room alone. She discovered he was changing: he was looking younger, his eye was clear, the scar and dent were almost gone.

Ex CIA Agent, Lucky O'Donnel, had a strange dream that led him to the Desert Botanical Gardens near Phoenix, Arizona. He finds the man from his dream there, Patient 13. O'Donnel allows Patient 13 to stay with him. Through hypnosis Patient 13, aka Ed, discovers he has been reincarnated many times beginning in Atlantis some 6000 years ago. Ed attempts to convince Dr. Mason to destroy his files so that there is no evidence or record of him. In return he will help her create the formula for longevity.

Patient 13 is well written. This book has it all: science fiction, action, and thrills. There are a few places where the plot bogged down a little. I found the parts about reincarnation very interesting. The characters were well developed. The corporation was the protagonist in this plot. They were greedy and self-serving. Patient 13/Ed was an interesting and well developed character. I will be watching for more books by this author.