Spirit Tale Two

The Seven Teachers: The Dean

Fiction - Supernatural
34 Pages
Reviewed on 05/01/2014
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Author Biography

Author of Spirit Tales book series

Messianic Jewish Rabbi Sipporah Joseph is the first Dutch female messianic rabbi of The Netherlands and the second messianic rabbi of the country. She is of religious conservative persuasion.

Rabbi Joseph is from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and a JOC (Jew of Color).
Daughter of a father who was of native South-American Indian tribal descent and a Jewish mother. From her mother's side both her grandparents are of Jewish descent.
From her grandfather's side of Dutch (Amsterdam),- German (Baden-Württemberg),- and Caribbean (Surinam, Neve Shalom) Jewish.
From her grandmother's side British Jewish (Manchester, Sussex, London).

Dutch Rabbi Joseph firmly disagrees with the definition and explanation of Messianic Judaism presented on wikipedia and several other outlets. Rabbi Joseph is strongly connected to Judaism and the love for and inspiration from Yiddishkeit resonates through her teachings and writings, including her books.


    Book Review

Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

Spirit Tale Two, The Seven Teachers: The Dean by Rabbi Sipporah Joseph is a short religious fiction story about faith, belief, inspiration, and family. In an attempt to help his beloved daughter through a trying moment, Grandpa Sereno tells the family a story of 234 students that travelled to the School of Divine Instruction for a special kind of education. His audience, made up of three generations of his family, listens with great admiration as he describes the magic of the students' journey in chariots and their arrival at the school. He uses this story to teach his daughter and the rest of his family about some important life values.

Spirit Tale Two, The Seven Teachers: The Dean by Rabbi Sipporah is an inspiring and exciting story that perfectly portrays a three-generational modern-day Jewish family. Rabbi Sipporah has a way with words that flawlessly brings out the spirit of the story and creates the perfect connection with his intended audience. The story is filled with a subtle, and yet hard to miss, beautiful Jewish family spirit, with characters that complement the plot perfectly. All the characters are so skillfully developed to fit into the plot and each brings something special to the story, especially beautiful little Sarucha who is amazing beyond words. The journey of the students to the magical School of Divine Instruction is wonderful and the way Rabbi Sipporah describes the breathtaking scenery and the students' reaction to it is lovely. The book would be an absolute treat for any lovers of Jewish fiction literature.