The Dancing Spirit

Christian - Thriller
191 Pages
Reviewed on 06/25/2017
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Author Biography

What inspired me to write this book? That is a good question, for this is not the most common subject matter that people think about. Well, the inspiration came out of a desperate need to change my reality, and to help my husband. My husband struggled with being possessed, tormented and controlled by demons and he needed help to be set free. When I first married him, I did not know that these demonic spirits had access to his life, but as time went on, I realized that something was wrong. They caused a great mess in our lives, and I was inspired by God to write this story for Him to teach me how to use the spiritual weapons )the shield of faith, the sword of the spirit, and the arrows of prayer) to fight for my husbands soul.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers' Favorite

The Dancing Spirit by Chaute Akira reveals the world of the unseen. Where does that sudden feeling of creepiness come from, or the out-of-the-blue sensation of heaviness? Who is whispering promises of comfort, but in reality causing tremendous fear and frustration? Who are the phantoms lurking in the dark? Steve Roberts' world is spinning out of control; it is as if some invisible force is pulling his life strings. Steve is about to be evicted, and in his despair he calls his stepfather. Daniel Roberts shows no compassion for Steve’s situation. His mother, Georgia, is no help either; she is afraid of her domineering husband. Alone and without hope, Steve begins to drink, and out of the alcoholic vapors his beautiful friend appears; he is mesmerized by her power. She is his “dancing spirit.” Not able to get Steve’s situation out of her mind, Georgia goes to church. Pastor Matthew Day is a young intern, frustrated in the ministry. Although Matthew feels inadequate, he speaks “words of life” to Steve’s mom. Georgia calls Steve and encourages him to pray. But will Steve’s desperate prayer be enough to break the power of “The Dancing Spirit?”

Chaute Akira portrays the power struggle between good and evil in The Dancing Spirit. The angelic and the demonic strategically attack, and wage war for the soul of the characters. Akira gives the angels and demons names and explicit characteristics, providing depth of story. These descriptions highlight the behind-the-scenes action of the plot. The setting takes place in both the natural and supernatural realms, exposing the world of the third dimension. The narrative reveals both cause and effect of the battle for the human soul, causing the conflict to escalate through the rising action. As a result of this unseen battle, the main characters go through dynamic changes. However, these changes come at a great price; the demons don’t easily retreat or release their prey without a fight. The wrestling match in the spiritual realm manifests in the natural realm, creating a stimulating read. The conclusion satisfies the need for a happily ever after ending and reminds us that those whom Christ has set free are free indeed.