Uncensored Grace

Stories of Hope from the Streets of Vegas

Christian - Living
240 Pages
Reviewed on 03/31/2009
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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

When most people think of Las Vegas, they think of casinos, showgirls, and prostitution. Las Vegas earned its nickname Sin City. The tourism department used the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” A tempting phrase, hinting at behaviors you would not want your friends and family to know about.

God is at work in Vegas. Jud Wilhite, the pastor of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, shares the story of nine people. These are real people, people who are saved by “uncensored” grace. He defines grace as, “God’s extravagant favor and forgiveness toward His undeserving children—and ‘undeserving’ would have to include all of us”…including people in Vegas. “Uncensored grace is what you get from a loving God when … every last hope for your own effort has blown up in your face. Uncensored means that there is no formula or membership of performance that stands between you and God’s goodness. Uncensored means that as wide and deep and high as your mountain of personal ruin might get, God’s transforming grace is always wider and deeper and higher.”
Uncensored Grace is inspiring and encouraging. I highly recommend reading it.


This book gives a refreshing view of grace where it is least expected; Las Vegas. This book gives real life testimonies of people in different situations and how they found light through the darkness. The stories in the book are ones we can all relate to. It definitely shows a different side of Vegas than we're all use to seeing. Loved it.

Tiffani Stewart

As a longtime Las Vegas resident, I was excited to read Stripped--and it delivered. It is a great picture of life in "Sin City"--the temptations, the pitfalls, and the redemption that can happen here. Stripped proves that truth is stranger than fiction, and much more exciting! I loved this book.

Edward A. Jost

Jud's look at how faith and God are moving in Las Vegas is truly fantastic. When we moved here several years ago, we were not sure if we would be able to find a faith community and church to be a part of. Turns out that faith, God and christianity is actually discussed more openly here than in California where we came from. I highly recommend Jud's book to get a good look at what he terms not "sin City' but "grace City". As the bible says, where sin abounds, grace abounds even more.

Kim C

I loved this book so much, I bought 10 more copies for friends, then bought another one of his books! Ive never done that before. Great stories from people living in LV, where I lived 28 yrs.I worked with, and knew Henry, the story of whom is also in the book towards the end. Great chapters, but so are all the others! Great job Jud! I went to Canyonridge, the sister church of Central, great churches, great people, I go back and see them when Im in town! Great book, to read and to share, with "the message" very clear.

S. Wood

This is a great book, easy to read and hard to put down. The stories are life-changing and touching, wonderful job, Jud and Bill. Watch out world, "What happens in Vegas, is changing the world!"


You the know the commercial - "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." A great marketing campaign promoting you to come to sin city and indulge your wildest fancies, because who will know? I'm glad Pastor Jud didn't buy into this with the stories of gospel-renewed lives he has witnessed living in one of America's most notorious cities. What I love about this book is that it showed me how often I write off people because I feel they are beyond hope. This book shows that God's love in Christ can penetrate deeper than our deepest sins, and this has given me a lot of courage and compassion to view others as Jesus views them - with love and forgiveness...and of course, grace. Check this book out. It'll do your heart some good.

Brenda S.

This is an awesome book about real people in Las Vegas who find Gods amazing grace...the stories are very touching and inspirational. I recommend it for all of us who live in Las Vegas and those who know of our city to gain an understanding of some real people who find hope and love the Lord here!


You bet.
In a city infamous for immorality...love, grace and forgiveness are alive and well. The stories in this book are as real as it gets - as is the God who made each and every transformation possible.

Leah D

I came to Las Vegas with an attitude that it's all about the party life and when I got here all I found was the love of the church. This book depicts just that, that Las Vegas has God living here inside the people that you would least expect. I found myself in tears and with a smile at the same time.

T. Chapman

i pre-ordered the book, based on the title...it came in the mail a couple days ago and i am half way through it...i am so surprised at the "real" people in the stories...i have lived in this city my entire life (50 years) and las vegas is so often depticted in a negative light...i love seeing that there are people here who care...great book!!!