Whenever You're Ready

How to Compose the Life of Your Dreams

Non-Fiction - Motivational
264 Pages
Reviewed on 09/20/2021
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Author Biography

Award-winning classical pianist Jeeyoon Kim delights audiences with a sparkling combination of sensitive artistry, broad emotional range, impeccable technique, and innovative concert experiences. A native of South Korea, Jeeyoon has inspired a dedicated and passionate fan base from around the world.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Readers' Favorite

Whenever You're Ready: How to Compose the Life of Your Dreams, by Jeeyoon Kim, is an exhilarating self-help guide that shows you step-by-step how to make your dreams a reality. Kim combines her experience as a professional concert pianist with knowledge, wit, and practical advice to bring you a wonderfully creative and personal motivational plan for your life's dream. Since she is a success, she passes her processes on to readers who may be floundering, or don't know how to launch their dreams. She uses examples from her own life. One interesting note among many is that she crafts the content of the book the way she would arrange one of her concerts. She is focused on teaching us how to energize creativity and develop good working habits, dedication, practice, and more. If one wants to learn from someone with expertise, look no further. I like her attention to preparation, as being ready psychologically, physically, and emotionally is a key component to success. I also like the practical lessons and advice she gives, which engages readers in a personal, individualized way.

Take all of the book together, and you have a wonderful instruction manual on how to approach any endeavor, no matter how large or small--from learning a new skill such as learning to play guitar, to launching a support group, or changing careers. One of her most important lessons is that realizing a dream rarely happens without a lot of work--talent isn't enough. She is frank when it comes to this, and it can't be stressed often enough. Other concepts she focuses on include learning to be efficient, finding balance, rejecting negativity, overcoming doubt, remembering to have fun, and so much more. With lyricism, encouragement, and conviction, Kim delivers an outstanding performance as a writer with expert advice that readers can use now and for the rest of their lives. Whenever You're Ready: How to Compose the Life of Your Dreams, by Jeeyoon Kim, is the kind of advice you need to hear if you are willing to do whatever it takes to make your dream come true.


As a decidedly amateur but serious pianist, I knew “Whenever You’re Ready” would have some relevance to my life. But I did not expect to be completely hooked by the second page of this eminently readable book! Although she is a highly accomplished and experienced concert pianist, Jeeyoon Kim writes that, “Being onstage never does get easier over time, and performing always feels raw and new, requiring my whole being to be exposed and vulnerable again… but it is a beautiful way.” I myself struggle with both learning and performing my pieces so reading that even a concert pianist has these feelings already made me feel a little better about myself! LOL!

But, rather than becoming frustrated with or turning away from life’s challenges - piano or otherwise - Jeeyoon says, “Learn to dance with the storm, believing that the storm is strengthening our souls.” I love that sentiment which is expressed in different ways in this book while also providing many easy and practical strategies for becoming more the person/performer you want to be while also enjoying the journey along the way. And Jeeyoon really puts herself out there so that you know her many pearls of wisdom come from her own hardships and hard-fought successes.

I like the title ”Whenever You’re Ready” because it’s like the book’s approach: not prodding or pushing you, until you feel ready to consider and deal with different aspects of your life or habits, at your own pace. Jeeyoon’s book is like a good coach or teacher who reminds you at the right time of things you might know but forgot, but which improve your “play” dramatically.

Jeeyoon also helps us see why it’s important and rewarding to be the best we can be in mind, body and soul, which includes caring for and being kind to others and our environment - something we need now more than ever! “Whenever You’re Ready” was a wonderful, useful and uplifting book that I enjoyed from beginning to end!