Quentin's Problem

By Misty Baker

Quentin's Problem by Misty Baker is an entertaining story about Quentin the Quick who loved Pirate School, but could never bring himself to say 'Arr.' Swashbuckling came easily to him and he could swing from ship to ship without missing a beat. Now he wanted...

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Quack and Daisy

By Aileen Stewart

Quack and Daisy is a great story of two unlikely animals becoming friends. Even though Daisy the cat cannot swim and Quack the duck cannot catch mice, they manage to become best friends in the meadow. They’re both curious animals that like to watch nature...

Queen Nzingha

The People's Queen
By Akua Agusi /Donnette Black

Queen Nzingha (The People's Queen) by Akua Agusi and Donnette Black is the biography of Queen Nzingha of Africa. Nzingha was the daughter of N'Dambi Kiluanji, the chief of Ngola. She was different from his other daughters. The ancestor priest told him that she would...

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