Jimmy Prophet's Library

By John W. Milor

When your favourite secret playground has been vandalised with a sign that reads "Archaeological Site #238, do not disturb, official archaeological research," what's a boy to do? He goes in, of course. After all, Jim had already survived a strange encounter with a being not...

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Journey of the Fourth Queen

The Empyrical Tales Book I
By Mark Miller

The Fourth Queen by Mark Miller weaves fairy tales, magic, and the innocent faith of two young girls together as they are forced to abandon their home and set off in search of the heart of the kingdom of Empyrean. An ancient evil has brought...


By Harley Bennett

“Jodi” is a captivating story following a young adventurer as she travels in time. Jodi is different from other children; she can do magic, teleport and can travel in time. Jodi soon realizes that dark magic is terrorizing her destination Moss Point, Arizona. Harley Bennett...

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