Babies In the Bargain

By Mona Risk

Holly Collier spent the last seven years dedicated to her career of medical training in Neonatology. After Marc Suarez broke Holly’s heart in med school she vowed to never let it happen again. The anesthesiologist was back in town and working at the Washington Children’s...

Readers’ Favorite Award Winner

Award Winner

Beyond Beautiful

Book One of The Song Trilogy
By Jan Bornstein

Jenna Bradford and Scott Tenny are both over-the-top famous in the music industry.  They live their lives in the public eye on a daily basis.  How can anyone survive the trials of life in a fishbowl like that?  Can they really find true love and...

Baby Steps

By K.L. McLoughlin

It had been two years since her husband's death. Part of her seemed to die along with him. Lynda realized it was time to reclaim her life, time live again. She compassionately assists a young woman through the crowd of protesters in front of an...

Bride Wore Blue

By Cillian Burns

Brett Peters returned to Orlando after he took a bullet intended for the small Iraqi girl. His cameraman considered him a hero, but Brett didn’t feel like one. The pain and damage to his left leg was worth it. When he returned to his home...