Open the Gate

Young Adult - Romance
Kindle Edition
Reviewed on 09/11/2020
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Author Biography

Open the Gate was written out of my own desire to not only find, but understand my place in the universe. Psychedelics was the first step in that journey. Each page represents a personal struggle within myself that I've faced and overcome. May these words provide healing to all that read them.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Paula García Lasa for Readers' Favorite

Open the Gate by Kain Carter is a short novel that follows a girl in her life path. Due to an unfortunate circumstance, this girl no longer has the life she had been used to nor a place to call home. She fights between life or death until a man she has never seen before in her life saves her. He doesn't tell her his name. Or anything at all, for that matter. He doesn't seem to find it relevant, and she, out of respect, doesn't ask for answers. He remains silent most of the time but, despite the aura of mystery that surrounds him and his past, he helps her discover who she is.

In Open the Gate, Kain Carter manages to make readers get deeply lost in their thoughts while turning over a few but intense pages. The short sentences with no more information but the essentials needed provide the book with a rhythm that harmonizes with the story. Having to work with the most basic information and very few descriptions enhances the reader's imagination, who is left wondering until the very end. Carter doesn't fill the book with unnecessary and excessively elaborate plot twists, and yet it manages to surprise you. Every character, even if you can count them all on one hand, has their role in the story, and is a complete and unique individual. Overall, it has been pleasant reading this novel, and I believe this thought-provoking short story is worth anyone's time.