Parallel Lives

By Martin Gwent Lewis

Author Martin Lewis offers the reader a fantasy delight in Parallel Lives. Richard Jones is a pathologist who is recently divorced and has just lost his job. He is contemplating taking his own life when a double appears to him from a parallel universe, telling...

Patient 13

By Ed Sutter

In an experimental lab, elderly alcoholics were given a trial drug. Patient 13 started to change and became younger by the minute. After he escaped the lab the head of the company, The Memphis Corporation, demands his return...dead or alive. Patient 13 was one the...

Path of a Hero

By E. S. Brenwalt

Young Cyankazu Omondi lives in a magical land of Trino. At 12-years-old, Cyan begins his training as a Samurai. All is well until one long night things rapidly change: an invading army of monsters, Orcs and Behemoths, Ogres and Daemon Lizards, Lamia and Dominus Beast...

Prophecy of the Kings

The Trilogy
By David Burrows

David Burrows brings readers an adventure of epic proportions in The Prophecy of the kings Trilogy. The plot quickly draws the reader into the action of this novel. Burrows created a mystical world with equally mystical creatures, dragons, wizards, prophecies, demons, sorcery, and princes. The...

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Panthan's Crucible

By Meredith Wood

Laura lived in a world where humans are in danger from Panthans. You can recognize a Panthan by their green irises. “They looked like humans, they spoke like humans, but they sure weren’t humans.” The US government created a group called the Woden’s to protect...