Stamped on Every Child's Heart

Impulsive Behavior
By Rebecca Dawson

The cover of Stamped on Every Child's Heart was the first thing that drew my attention. While I don't have children, what I see around us in the world every day, where children are being neglected or abused, committing suicide and killing others, made me...

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Are you ready to accept God's Power?
By Kenny Luck

Are you ready to accept God’s power in your life? Are you ready to SOAR? In Kenny Lucks’ newest book in the God’s Man Series he teaches you how to say yes to and be open to the Holy Spirit; to actively pursue and release...

Simple Little Words

What You Say Can Change a Life
By Michelle Cox, John Perodin

“Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me” is not a true statement. As the shortest person in my class I was often the brunt of short jokes. While as an adult I know they were not meant to be...