Blind Descent

By Robert Hess

Blind Descent by Robert Hess is based/written about his adventure in the Antarctica. Robert tells of the trip and of, he and his comrades' attempts to stay alive. The story begins as the men are in a blind descent 500 feet above the Antarctica. The...

Born With A Rusty Spoon

An Artist's Memoir
By Bertie Stroup Marah

These are the memoirs of author and Artist Bertie Stroup Marah. It is a look into her life from before her mother was born to the present day. The reading is entertaining and simple. The book starts with a tale of Bertie as an insecure three-year-old....

Blessings In Disguise

A Tale of Redemption
By Gary R. Ryan

Gary R. Ryan is brutally honest in his autobiography Blessings In Disguise. He states that his childhood was not the stuff of which fairytales are made. I suggest he look at more fairytales. They usually have a wicked stepmother. All he need do is insert...

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